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In the News

November 27. 2014

CBS News - Gascón combating re-offending and the real problem behind prison overcrowding

Prop 47 downgraded drug possession and many non-violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. That means lighter sentences and possibly no jail time for about 40,000 people a year. Thousands more who are now serving sentences will be released early -- even prior felony convictions can be expunged.

Gascon says, "under the umbrella of getting tough on crime, we were doing things that made no sense. People that we were incarcerating, 60 percent of those people were being re-incarcerated within three years and the people continue to re-offend because we're not dealing with the problem." Watch here. 

September 10, 2013

ABC 7 News - Gascón offers solution to reduce prison overcrowding

Gascon is advocating for a change in the law that would make possession of drugs a misdemeanor. In the meantime, Gascon is implementing his own alternatives to incarceration and he says it's working. Prosecutions for possession of drugs in San Francisco are down by almost 70 percent. That may be a big reason why a lot of the county jail cells are empty. Watch it.

July 22, 2013

A Conversation with San Francisco DA George Gascón

DA George Gascón is on a mission to make San Francisco the safest large city in the country. The DA talks with host Joseph Pace about how he intends to achieve that. Additionally, he discusses alternative sentencing, anti-truancy efforts and more. Listen to it.

June 7, 2012

DA Gascón: The War on Drugs Has been a Failure

According to Gascon, charging those convicted of drug possession for personal use with a felony can have a tremendously negative impact, especially on poor and minority populations. "We have entire communities where the male figures have been in and out of prison," he said.

October 1, 2010

SF's Anti-Truancy Initiative Goes Statewide

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A state bill influenced by an anti-truancy initiative in San Francisco was signed into law Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.Read More

September 30, 2010

Shell Game Shyster Shut Down

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A crafty crook tricked tourists into playing a rigged game at Fisherman's Wharf, but he could not fool a jury, prosecutors said Wednesday. Read More