The Office's Operations Department is responsible for prosecuting violent crimes and lesser offenses committed within the City and County of San Francisco that diminish the livability of our community. This Department is led by Chief Assistant District Attorney Sharon Woo and includes the Criminal Division, Victim Services Division and the Collaborative Courts Division. The Department is structured as follows:

Operations Organization Chart

Criminal Division: The criminal division is organized into 10 units and files approximately 12,000 misdemeanor cases a year and 8,000 felony cases a year. This division prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes vertically and horizontally. Felony prosecutions involve crimes that represent the greatest threat to the safety of the community and that can be punishable by state prison. Misdemeanor prosecutions involve less serious crime and have a maximum sentence of city jail. The Criminal Division is divided into 9 different units, including: misdemeanors, preliminary hearings, general felonies which includes narcotics, domestic violence and physical elder abuse, gangs, sexual assault, child assault, juvenile, and homicide. Ana Gonzalez  is Chief of the Criminal Division - Horizontal Units and David Merin is Chief of the Criminal Division - Vertical Units.

Horizontal Units

These units work collaboratively to prosecute a high volume of cases by having the responsibility for charging decisions, preliminary hearings and trials handled separately by lawyers in each of these areas.

  • General Felonies Unit: The General Felonies Unit is the principal felony trial team in the District Attorney’s Office. The Unit is responsible for prosecuting a diverse caseload that includes assault, battery, attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping. The Unit is also responsible for the prosecution of offenders who sell crack, heroin and other narcotics, while ensuring addicts and first-time, low-level offenders have access to effective treatment and rehabilitative programs. Jeff Ross is the Managing Attorney.
  • Preliminary Hearings Unit: The District Attorney's Felony Preliminary Hearing Unit contains 13 prosecutors who are responsible for conducting preliminary hearings for most felony crimes prosecuted by the office. The Unit handles an average of more than 500 cases per month. Victoria Baldocchi is the Managing Attorney.
  • Misdemeanor Trial Unit: The Misdemeanor Trial Unit is responsible for the prosecution of all misdemeanor crimes with the exception of domestic violence cases. Wade Chow is the Managing Attorney.

Vertical Units

These specialized units handle cases from the time of charging through adjudication.

  • Homicide Unit: The Homicide Unit prosecutes homicides occurring within the City and County of San Francisco. The Unit is comprised of the office’s most seasoned prosecutors as well as experienced criminal investigators and support staff. The Cold Hit section of this unit is a coordinated team dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of "cold" cases, usually involving DNA evidence. Scot Clark is the Managing Attorney.
  • Gang Unit: The Unit prosecutes all gang crimes and is staffed by experienced prosecutors with special training in the identification and prosecution of criminal street gangs. Eric Flemmingis the Managing Attorney.
  • Domestic Violence Unit: The Domestic Violence Unit prosecutes incidents of domestic violence and stalking. Marshall Khine is the Managing Attorney.
  • Juvenile Unit: The District Attorney’s Juvenile Unit ensures public safety by prosecuting juvenile crimes and holding minors accountable for delinquent conduct, while at the same time pursuing a “smart on crime” approach by seeking reformation and rehabilitation. JJean Roland is the Managing Attorney.
  • Sexual Assault Unit: The Unit is comprised of experienced and specially-trained attorneys who prosecute sexual assault crimes committed by adults against men, women, and children. Greg Barge is the Managing Attorney.
  • Child Assault Unit: The Unit prosecutes all cases of adults who commit sexual and physical violence against children. Marianne Barrett is the Managing Attorney.

Victim Services Division: The Victim Services Division provides comprehensive services and support to victims of crime and witnesses to crime. The services include: assistance with state Victim Compensation Program claims; crisis intervention; help navigating the criminal justice system; resources and referrals; witness relocation; child care assistance, transportation; and more. Maria Bee is Chief of the Victim Services Division.