Statement in Response to President Barack Obama’s Speech Regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform

San Francisco – San Francisco District Attorney released the following statement following President Obama’s speech to the nation regarding the necessity of comprehensive immigration reform.
“President Obama’s leadership and vision on the issue of immigration reform will surely move our nation forward. Since 1986, the federal government has spent $187 billion on immigration enforcement, yet the number of undocumented residents has tripled in size to 11 million during that time. Meanwhile, more than four in ten Latinos are less likely to provide information about crimes because police are more involved in enforcing immigration laws, and 70% of undocumented immigrants are less likely to contact police if they are victims of crime.

The United States continues to spend billions of dollars on failed enforcement strategies that are making our communities less safe. Despite differences of opinion over what a comprehensive immigration policy might look like, the evidence supports expanded legal immigration, a pathway to citizenship for undocumented residents, and the smart use of enforcement measures. It is incumbent upon all of us to remind Congress that they represent a nation of immigrants.”