Break the Silence and End Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Join the SFDA Office and San Francisco’s Higher Educational Institutions to Spread the Word

In The News:
San Francisco Colleges Calling Attention to Campus Sex Assaults (ABC 7)

New College Students Especially At Risk For Sex Assaults (CBS SF Bay Area)

“The rate of victimization on college campuses is appalling, and it has to stop. There is a national conversation that is ongoing, but San Francisco isn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are taking action to ensure students feel safe on campus, and that they know where to turn for help in the event that they are victimized.”

-District Attorney George Gascón



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What You Should Know

The Facts

In recent years, many students who have survived these attacks across the nation have been suffering in silence. Let us work together to end the silence here in San Francisco. Share these disturbing trends with your social networks with #1in4 and #NoConsentNoExcuse to help spread awareness and spur change!

Know The Law

Survivors have the right to safety, protection, and justice. On college campuses, Title IX protects students from sex-based discrimination. Every school must have a Title IX coordinator to manage complaints and investigate reports of sexual assault. The school is required to conduct an investigation within 60 days of receiving a report and must provide a final decision in writing. Students have a right to appeal any decision. The school must take immediate action to ensure a victim can continue their education free of ongoing discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Federal law requires colleges to disclose information about crime on and around campus. Sexual assault survivors have the right to be informed of:

  • options to notify law enforcement
  • outcomes of disciplinary proceedings
  • counseling services available
  • the option to change academic and living situations. 

According to the California Education Code, consent is not the absence of a "no:" it is a confirmed "yes." It means that every individual involved actively wants to participate in the physical or sexual act that is happening and has communicated consent. People who are drunk, high, or asleep cannot give consent. Consent is never given under pressure, coercion, or duress. Consent must be given EVERY time - there is NO excuse for failing to obtain consent before engaging in sexual activity.

Remember: If you are a survivor of sexual assault, there are resources and support available to help you recover and rebuild your life. What happened is not your fault. We are available to help whether you have an open case or not.

Where to Get Help

Immediate crisis assistance following sexual assault can be invaluable and even save lives. Peer support, group counseling and trauma focused therapy can help survivors address the immediate and long-term effects of victimization. There are resources available by phone, online, or in-person waiting to help.
SFDA Victim Services Division

The Victim Services Division of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has dedicated and trained advocates experienced in working with young adults. The Victim Services Division is committed to helping victims mitigate the trauma of crime, navigate the criminal justice system, and rebuild their lives. Survivors of sexual assault should contact and work with our Victims Services Division even if they do not wish to pursue criminal charges.

Our services include:

  • Providing crisis support and counseling
  • Assisting with the State Victim Compensation Funds Program application to cover medical and mental health expenses
  • Providing information about reporting, the criminal justice process, and case status
  • Arranging accompaniment and escort during the court process
  • Helping victims represent their needs and interests, including in their victim impact statement
  • Seeking restitution from the offender

You can contact us by phone or email:


Additional Resources

SF Women Against Rape (SFWAR)
SFWAR is a women of color led, volunteer-based organization that has provided rape crisis services to survivors of sexual assault for over 30 years.

3542 18th Street #7
San Francisco, CA

24-hour Hotline: (415) 647-7273


Trauma Recovery Center
The UCSF Trauma Recovery Center facilitates healing for adult survivors of trauma, violence, and loss through an innovative, clinically-proven model of comprehensive care, advocacy, and outreach. 

2727 Mariposa Street #100
San Francisco, CA
Open Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm
(Tuesday evenings until 7pm)

Phone: (415) 437-3000


National Sexual Assault Hotline
The National Sexual Assault Hotline is a free, safe, and confidential service that supports survivors. Trained staff members help survivors seek medical and counseling services, talk through what happened, and learn more about the laws in their area, among many other services.

24/7 Hotline: (800) 656-HOPE


Online Resources:

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault:

SF Victim Services Website:


It's On Us:

Not Alone (run by the US government):

EROC (End Rape On Campus):