AMEMSA — Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian Advisory Board


Focus Areas


Social and Political Inclusion and Cohesion
Anti-Bullying in Schools


The AMEMSA Advisory Board has taken, and continues to take, assertive measures to respond to the overt and insidious Islamophobia experienced by our AMEMSA communities in the Bay Area. Following a series of anti-Muslim bus advertisements that targeted AMEMSA members as “savages,” our group held a press conference joined by members of the Board of Supervisors and community leaders to condemn hate speech.

Similarly, to bring awareness to the discrimination faced by AMEMSA communities, we partnered with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and community organizations to create and implement a photo-voice project to spotlight AMEMSA members’ personal experiences with discrimination in San Francisco.

Most recently, our group joined other community leaders to support two nonprofit organizations, Beyond Differences and Islamic Network Group (“ING”), to launch the Know Your Classmates initiative to reduce bullying in our schools and create safer, more tolerant, and inclusive communities for our students. Similarly, our office republished its Hate Crime Hotline following the presidential election in 2016.

As anti-Muslim discrimination undermines social cohesion locally and nationally, our group will continue to explore ways to increase educational and sensitivity training opportunities within our schools, airports, and law enforcement agencies.