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District Attorney Boudin Announces Arrests Related to DA Office-Led Organized Retail Theft Operation

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Robyn Burke / 415-603-9696 / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org
Public Information Officer

 SAN FRANCISCO – Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced arrest warrants for 5 individuals and 2 criminal indictments as part of an extensive two-and-a-half-year organized retail theft investigation led by the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney’s Office initiated the operation, known as Operation Focus Lens, following an investigation into a series of thefts at Macy’s that led investigators to the uncovering of a major, organized retail theft ring with international ties. The multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional operation has already led to the recovery of approximately $2 million in suspected stolen property and the identification and indictment of two individuals, arrests of two suspects, and three outstanding arrest warrants for multiple charges of organized retail theft, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and money laundering.

“My office is committed to combatting organized retail theft by targeting the source: the fencers who are profiting from the reselling of stolen goods. I am proud of our office’s leadership in uncovering this global operation,” said District Attorney Boudin.  “I am also thankful to the many law enforcement agencies who partnered with us and helped us successfully recover stolen goods and identify individuals responsible for driving organized retail thefts in San Francisco.”

Operation Focus Lens

 Operation Focus Lens, led by San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Lieutenant Alex Nocon, emerged out of an investigation into a series of thefts at Macy’s in Union Square in December 2018. Rodolfo Castillo—one of the people arrested in connection with this Operation—had been observed stealing a total of over $7,500 of merchandise, including a shipping box full of shoes and a rack full of clothing, over the course of three separate occasions. Following his arrest, he admitted to stealing merchandise to sell to the owners of Camera Heaven, a front for reselling stolen clothing. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Police Department began monitoring the owners of Camera Heaven, David Tran and Yanxia Xie, and determined that they were selling stolen goods through their storefront, flea markets, and overseas. 

The investigation of Mr. Tran and Ms. Xie ultimately led investigators to partner with the United States Postal Inspection Service and the United States Department of Homeland Security to identify an internal fencer, Nate Pham, who is based out of Vietnam. An arrest warrant for Mr. Pham has been issued.

San Francisco Division Inspector in Charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Rafael Nunez, explained that, “Postal Inspectors worked closely with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and our partners in law enforcement to arrest and prosecute those individuals responsible for theft and fraud schemes committed against businesses.”

Operation Focus Lens also led to the discovery and dismantling of another organized retail fence being operated out of a store front, Fashion Exchange. In August of 2021, Assistant District Attorney Conrad del Rosario secured indictments for possession of stolen property at the Criminal Grand Jury for Fashion Exchange owners Deanna Klinkovich and Floriya Pavlichenko. This case is currently pending before the San Francisco Superior Court.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office created Operation Focus Lens in 2019 as part of the multi-jurisdictional Organized Retail Taskforce, which includes the California Highway Patrol Retail Crime Task Force, the San Francisco Police Department, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and Homeland Security Investigations. Operation Focus Lens received additional assistance from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, BART, Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC), the California Department of Justice, the Palo Alto Police Department, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, the Santa Clara Police Department, the Walnut Creek Police Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Western States Information Network (WSIN).

“The arrest and charging of these suspects demonstrates the results of a long term, extensive, collaborative investigation by the multi-agency Organized Retail Crime Task Force consisting of the California Highway Patrol, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Police Department into organized retail crime and organized vehicle burglary. Organized retail crime needs an organized, collaborative response like the multi-agency ORCTF utilizing CHP statewide resources as these groups are not bound by city and county limits,” said Kevin Domby, Lieutenant, California Highway Patrol. “The vast amount of recovered stolen property and now arrests from Operation Focus Lens, an operation that began in 2019 ensures those directing and benefiting the most from these crimes will now be held to answer.”

Operation Wrecking Ball

Operation Focus Lens emerged out of Operation Wrecking Ball, an investigation into the retail theft and sale of stolen merchandise at the 7th and Market Street area. Through Operation Wrecking Ball, the District Attorney’s Office recovered nearly $750,000 in stolen merchandise from Bay Area retailers. Operation Wrecking Ball remains an ongoing investigation in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Earlier this month, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office arrested Rodolfo Ivan Urbina Osejo for possession of stolen property in connection with Operation Wrecking Ball.  Two arrest warrants remain outstanding.

In addition to Operation Focus Lens and Operation Wrecking Ball, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is working with state and federal agencies on nearly half a dozen other confidential investigations to identify and dismantle the organized retail theft fencers who make retail theft crimes profitable. 




Robyn Burke / 415-306-9696 / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org

Public Information Officer




三藩市——今天,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布由地檢署領導,已進行兩年的大規模打擊有組織零售盜竊的調查行動有突破性進展,並已向5名懷疑涉案人士發出通緝令和兩項刑事起訴。地檢署發起外號為「聚焦鏡行動」(Operation Focus Lens) 的調查工作,針對在梅西百貨發生的一連串的盜竊案,調查後發現背後涉及一個國際性有組織的大型零售盜竊集團。這個跨部門、跨司法管轄區的調查行動成功檢獲市值約二百萬美元的贓物,同時有兩名懷疑涉案人士被起訴盜竊、持有贓物和洗黑錢的刑事罪行,另有兩名疑犯被拘捕及三名涉案人士被通緝。




「聚焦鏡行動(Operation Focus Lens)


「聚焦鏡行動」由三藩市地檢處的Alex Nocon中尉 (Lieutenant Alex Nocon) 領導,向於 2019 年 12 月在聯合廣場梅西百貨的一連串盜竊案展開調查。其中一名涉案的被捕人士Rodolfo Castillo,被調查人員目睹在三個不同商店偷走總計超過 $7,500 的商品,包括一個裝滿鞋箱子的和一個裝滿衣服的架子。 被捕後,他承認將贓物賣給Camera Heaven, 一間專門買賣被盜衣服的門店。 三藩市地檢署和三藩市警察局開始監視 Camera Heaven 的持有人 David Tran 和 Yanxia Xie,並確認他們通過店面、跳蚤市場和海外銷售形式處理贓物。


地檢署對 David Tran和Yanxia Xie展開調查後,調查人員與美國郵政檢查局和美國國土安全部合作,確認了一名來自越南的主腦 Nate Pham,並已向 Pham 發出通緝令。


美國郵政檢查局的三藩市分部檢查員 Rafael Nunez 說,「郵政檢查員與地檢署和其他執法部門緊密合作,逮捕和起訴零售商業盜竊和欺詐罪案的涉案人士。 」


於「聚焦鏡行動」中,另發現及瓦解另一個以 Fashion Exchange為店面的有組織零售盜集團。 在2021 年 8 月,助理地方檢察官Conrad del Rosario 在刑事大陪審團前向Fashion Exchange的持有人Deanna Klinkovic 和Floriya Pavlichenko提起訴訟,指控他們擁有贓物。 目前此案正在三藩市高等法院審理。


三藩市地檢署於 2019 年開始「聚焦鏡行動」,同時是「多轄區有組織零售罪案專責小組」的一分子,其他成員包括加州公路巡警零售犯罪特遣隊、三藩市警察局、聖馬刁縣警長辦公室、國家郵政檢查局和國土安全調查局。 「聚焦鏡行動」也獲得阿拉米達縣地檢署、灣區捷運、北加州地區情報中心 (North California Reginal Intelligence Center)、加州司法部、帕洛阿爾托警察局 (Palo Alto Police Department)、三藩市縣警長辦公室、聖克拉拉警察局 (Santa Clara Police Department)、核桃溪警察局(Walnut Creek Police Department)、國稅局和西部各州信息網絡 (Western States Information Network)。


加州公路巡警中尉 Kevin Domby 說:「這些向涉案人士作出的逮捕和起訴均表示,由加州公路巡警、三藩市地檢署和三藩市警察局組成的「跨機構有組織零售罪案專責小組」,向有組織零售犯罪和車輛盜竊進行了長期、深入和緊密合作後獲取的成果。加州公路巡警在協助打擊有組織的零售犯罪起了響應作用,因為不受城市和縣的限制。從2019年開始的「聚焦鏡行動」不但檢獲大量被盜財物和逮捕涉案人士,同時也確保那些指揮罪案並從中受益最多的人被繩之以法。」


「破壞球行動」(Operation Wrecking Ball)


「聚焦鏡行動」是出現在 「破壞球行動」後衍生的調查行動。「破壞球行動」是一項針對零售盜竊、孖結街夾第七街贓物銷售的調查。 通過「破壞球行動」,地檢官從灣區多處的零售商追回近 $750,000 的贓物。 「破壞球行動」仍在進行調查當中。 本月早些時候,地檢署逮捕了 Rodolfo Ivan Urbina Osejo,罪名是藏有與「破壞球行動」有關的贓物,另有兩個依然生效的通緝令。


除了「聚焦鏡行動」和 「破壞球行動」之外,三藩市地檢署還與州府和聯邦機構合作,進行了六個其他機密調查行動,調查和瓦解以零售盜竊獲利的有組織盜竊犯罪集團。