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District Attorney Boudin Announces Partnership with Code Tenderloin to Provide Digital Training to Formerly-Incarcerated Individuals

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CONTACT: Rachel Marshall / (415) 416-4468 / Rachel.Marshall@sfgov.org Director of Communications / Policy Advisor / Assistant District Attorney  

SAN FRANCISCO– Today, District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the District Attorney’s Office’s partnership with Code Tenderloin and Goodwill CASC to provide digital training and tools for formerly incarcerated people who are adjusting to life post-incarceration.  The first training took place yesterday, May 2, and included several people who were resentenced from lengthy prison sentences by the District Attorney’s Office.

“Preventing recidivism means we must equip those who are emerging from prison with the tools needed to succeed,” said District Attorney Boudin.  “Our partnership with Code Tenderloin provides invaluable training and support for formerly incarcerated and other justice-involved people.  Our office is invested in providing resentenced people with the skills and resources to thrive–which helps promote public safety for all our communities.”

“We are so happy to have built this relationship with the District Attorney’s Office, allowing so many more participants to gain access to a successful future,” said Robert Fraser, Computer Literacy Coordinator at Code Tenderloin. “We are proud to be part of a solution to reduce incarceration and give people a second chance in a city that will lead the example of change.”

The free training program provides basic computer skills for previously incarcerated adults and helps them to transition into society.  The two-week course includes digital and computer literacy and introduces participants to career pathways in technology.  The program aims to set participants up for education, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.  The program provides those who complete the entire training with job support, as well as a free laptop from Code Tenderloin to put their skills to practice.  

Yesterday’s training included several people recently resentenced by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s Post-Conviction Unit, which, among other work, reviews cases in which the sentences imposed may be excessive or where the convictions may otherwise be legally questionable.  The Unit carefully considers many factors, including an incarcerated person’s prison conduct; the input of the victim in the case; and the incarcerated person’s reentry plans, in determining whether to move to resentence someone.  

Since District Attorney Boudin took office in 2020, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has resentenced 68 people.  The District Attorney’s Office works hard to help those who are resentenced remain on track and to connect them with services through the help of Sentencing Planners and Social Workers.  Joe Bell, one of the 68 people resentenced by the District Attorney’s Office, is featured in a short video that can be watched here.


The picture above was taken at yesterday’s first training.  Pictured are: Paralegal Tamara Eggers of the District Attorney’s Office; Sentencing Planner Samantha Roberts from the District Attorney’s Office; Clifford Hayter, who was recently resentenced; his sister; Demoin Stroman, who was recently resentenced, and Assistant District Attorney Dana Drusinsky.

The program will be offered again next month.  To register, please visit this site. For more information, please email training@sfgoodwill.org