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District Attorney Boudin Charges Former Senior Building Inspector with Perjury and Conflict of Interest Charges

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Robyn Burke, (415) 603-9696 / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org, Public Information Officer    


San Francisco—Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced charges against Bernard “Bernie” Curran, a former Senior Building Inspector from the Department of Building Inspections (DBI). Mr. Curran surrendered on a District Attorney arrest warrant alleging multiple counts of perjury and violations of local conflict of interest laws. The arrest and charges are a product of an investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Taskforce into alleged corruption at DBI.   


“My office is committed to rooting out public corruption and ensuring equal justice under the law,” said San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. “In my administration, no one is above the law—and public officials who breach public trust will be held accountable.”  


 In March 2017, while working for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections as a Building Inspector, Mr. Curran is alleged to have obtained a $180,000 loan from a local developer, which remained outstanding until May 2020. During that three-year period, Mr. Curran allegedly created a conflict of interest with the developer – performing building inspections and signing-off on building permits for their projects.  


In addition to the financial conflict of interest involved in the loan, Mr. Curran allegedly failed to disclose that he received the loan on his mandatory government Statement of Economic Interests forms, known as Form 700s. Additionally, the District Attorney investigation revealed that Mr. Curran received tens of thousands of dollars from several other homeowners for whom he performed and signed off on building inspection permits. Mr. Curran never disclosed any of those payments on his Form 700 filings. 


Mr. Curran worked at the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections from 2005 until mid-2021, when he resigned from the department. 


In addition to the charges brought by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Curran has also been charged federally with honest services wire fraud, related to Department of Building Inspection permits Mr. Curran approved for people who made donations to his preferred charitable organizations. 


Mr. Curran is scheduled to be arraigned on March 17, 2022.   






三藩市——今天,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布對樓宇檢查署 (Department of Building Inspection) 的前高級建築檢查員 Bernard Bernie Curran 提出指控。 Curran 先生根據地檢署的拘捕令自首,當中的指控有多項偽證罪和違反當地利益衝突法的罪名。三藩市地檢署公共廉正工作組對樓宇檢查署調查涉嫌腐敗後進行逮捕和指控。




2017 3 月,在Curran 先生擔任樓宇檢查署高級建築檢查員期間,據稱從發展商裡獲得了$180,000 的貸款,該貸款一直到 2020 5 月仍未償還。據稱,在這三年期間,Curran 先生為發展商的項目進行建築檢查和簽署建築許可證,涉嫌違反了利益衝突條例。


除了貸款中涉及的財務利益衝突外,據稱, Curran 先生沒有在政府經濟利益聲明表格(稱為 700 表格)中披露他收到了貸款。 此外,根據地檢署的調查顯示,Curran 先生也從多名房主裡獲得了數萬元,為這些房主進行建築檢查並簽發許可證。 Curran 先生從未在他的 700 表格文件中披露任何這些款項。


Curran 先生從 2005開始在三藩市樓宇檢查署工作,至 2021 年年中辭退職位。

除了三藩市地檢署提出的起訴外,Curran 先生還被聯邦政府指控他犯有誠實服務電匯欺詐罪,與Curran 先生為依照他意思向他首選的慈善組織捐款的人簽發樓宇檢查署許可證有關。

Curran 先生定於 2022 3 17 日出庭聆訊。