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District Attorney Chesa Boudin Announces Charges Against Former Public Works Official Gerald Sanguinetti for Failing to Disclose over a Quarter Million Dollars in Income

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Sara Yousuf, (415) 603-9696 / Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org  

San Francisco – Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced today that Gerald “Jerry” Sanguinetti, a former Bureau Manager for San Francisco Public Works, was arrested on five felony charges for Perjury in violation of Penal Code section 118(a), and two misdemeanor charges for Failure to File Financial Disclosure Statements in violation of San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code section 3.1-102(a). The felony charges stem from Mr. Sanguinetti’s alleged failure to disclose over a quarter of a million dollars in outside income on required financial disclosure statements. The misdemeanor charges arise from his alleged failure to file these statements altogether for 2018 and 2019.

“Public employees must serve the public, not use their position for their own financial gain,” said District Attorney Boudin. “Failing to disclose financial conflicts of interests while profiting at the city’s expense violates public trust. When public employees break the law, my administration will hold them accountable. No one in San Francisco is above the law.”

Designated public employees are required to disclose their outside sources of income, business investments, and spouse’s income each year on a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest, which they must attest to under penalty of perjury. From 2013 to 2019, Mr. Sanguinetti is alleged to have failed to disclose his interest in or income from “SDL Merchandising,” a company which did business with Public Works and was nominally owned by Mr. Sanguinetti’s wife, Gina.

Financial and business records obtained over the course of a nine-month investigation by the District Attorney’s office show that SDL Merchandising received $262,946.73 in payments from sub-accounts of the non-profit organization San Francisco Parks Alliance. Public Works employees made payments from the sub-accounts of San Francisco Parks Alliance for the purchase of custom-made shirts, caps, and other items.

According to witnesses, the Public Works purchases from SDL Merchandising were “no-bid,” and cost significantly more than other vendors’ quotes. Public Works employees were allegedly told to rely on SDL Merchandising for purchasing t-shirts and other merchandise, and one employee’s attempt at obtaining comparison quotes from other vendors, revealed that SDL Merchandising charged twice the price other vendors quoted. When that employee then sought to replace SDL Merchandising with a new vendor, a supervisor allegedly indicated that “the Director wouldn’t like that,” referring to former Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru.

Bank and business records confirmed $262,946.73 in payments invoiced by Gina Sanguinetti to Public Works for merchandise. These payments were approved by Public Works employees including former Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, issued by checks from the Parks Alliance, and deposited into four different bank accounts controlled solely by Gerald and Gina Sanguinetti.

Despite the influx of over a quarter million dollars into his and his spouse’s bank accounts between 2013 and 2019, Mr. Sanguinetti is alleged to have repeatedly stated, under penalty of perjury, on his annual financial disclosures that he had “no reportable interests” and failed to disclose this income. He is alleged to have failed altogether to file two required financial disclosure statements for 2018 and 2019.

Mr. Sanguinetti was arrested today by District Attorney Investigators (“DAI”), with assistance from San Mateo Police Department Officers. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s Public Integrity Task Force investigated this case and it. It is being prosecuted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s Special Prosecutions Unit.

Mr. Sanguinetti’s arraignment is scheduled for August 9th at 1:30 pm.


Sara Yousuf, (415) 603-9696 / Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org


地檢官博徹思宣布對前公務局官員 Gerald Sanguinetti 提出指控,



三藩市 — 今天,三藩市地區檢察官博徹思今日宣布,前三藩市公務局科長 Gerald “Jerry” Sanguinetti 被捕,指控因他違反刑法第118(a)條偽證罪的五項重罪,及違反三藩市競選和政府品行法第3.1-102(a)條未有提交財務披露聲明的兩項輕罪。重罪指控源於 Mr. Sanguinetti 據稱未有在所需的財務披露報表中披露超過25萬元的外部收入。輕罪指控源於他據稱未有在2018和2019年全數提交這些報表。




指定的公職人員必須每年以700號經濟利益聲明報表,披露他們的外部收入來源、商業投資和配偶的收入;他們必須提供證明,否則會被指控偽證罪。從2013到2019年,Mr. Sanguinetti 據稱未有披露他從 “SDL Merchandising” 的利益或收入,這公司與公務局有業務往來,名義上由 Mr. Sanguinetti 的妻子 Gina 所擁有。


地檢署在為期9個月的調查過程中所獲取的財務和商業記錄顯示,SDL Merchandising 從非營利組織 “三藩市公園聯盟 (San Francisco Parks Alliance)” 的子賬戶收到 $262,946.73元的付款。公務局員工通過三藩市公園聯盟的子賬戶,支付購買定製襯衫、帽子和其他物品的費用。


根據証人聲稱,公務局購買自 SDL Merchandising 的物品是 “無需投標” 的,其價格遠高於其他供應商的報價。公務局員工據稱獲告知必須憑藉 SDL Merchandising 購買 T 恤和其他商品;一名員工嘗試從其他供應商索取對比報價,結果發現 SDL Merchandising 收取的價格是其他供應商報價的兩倍。當該員工隨後尋求以新供應商取代 SDL Merchandising 時,一名主管據稱表示「總監不會喜歡那樣做」,意指前公務局總監 Mohammed Nuru。


銀行和商業記錄証實 Gina Sanguinetti 向公務局開出 $262,946.73元付款的交易發票。這些付款由公務局員工包括前公務局總監 Mohammed Nuru 批准,由公園聯盟的支票簽發,並存入由 Gerald 和 Gina Sanguinetti 個人控制的四個不同銀行賬戶。


儘管在2013至2019年期間有超過25萬元注入他和他配偶的銀行賬戶,Mr. Sanguinetti 據稱多次聲明,在偽證罪的監管下,在其年度財務披露中他”沒有應該報告的利益”及未有披露這些收入。他據稱未有全數提交2018年和2019年的兩份所需財務披露報表。


今天 Mr. Sanguinetti 被地檢署調查員 (“DAI”) 逮捕,由聖馬刁警察局警員提供協助。三藩市地檢署的公眾誠信專案組經已調查此案。它由三藩市地檢署的特別起訴部作出起訴。


Mr. Sanguinetti 的傳訊提堂已定於 8 月 9 日下午 1:30。