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District Attorney Chesa Boudin Announces Conviction and Sentence in Viral Shoplifting Case and Guilty Verdicts in Petty Theft Trial

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Robyn Burke, (415) 603-9696 / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org, Public Information Officer   

SAN FRANCISCO— Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the conviction and sentencing of Jean Lugo Romero for stealing items from a San Francisco Walgreens, an incident which was captured in a widely-circulated video of Mr. Lugo Romero grabbing items from the store and leaving on his bicycle. Mr. Lugo Romero has pled guilty to felony grand theft and misdemeanor petty theft and was sentenced to 16 months prison and one year probation, along with other terms.

Additionally, on Friday, April 1, 2022, a jury returned guilty verdicts in 13 counts against Ahmad Shabazz for a series of petty thefts at three separate Walgreens. A jury found Mr. Shabazz guilty of 13 of the 14 counts of misdemeanor petty theft brought against him for five separate incidents in which he stole from Walgreens. 

“Whether the work of organized retail theft rings or of individual suspects, the burglaries impacting our local businesses will not be tolerated,” said District Attorney Chesa Boudin. “The sentence and verdicts handed down are just one way we are working to hold individuals accountable for harm caused by retail theft in San Francisco. We are also continuing our work with partner agencies to dismantle the organized networks which make these crimes profitable.”

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has instituted numerous measures to respond to retail theft, in addition to holding those who commit harm through prosecution. We have partnered with ALTO, an international organization that coordinates the loss prevention efforts of retailers, police, and prosecutors, formed an alliance of Bay Area County District Attorneys, and we currently are involved in multiple operations to combat retail theft in San Francisco. 

ALTO’S partnership with Walgreens and local law enforcement, including the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Police Department allowed for the identification, arrest, and prosecution of Defendants Shabbaz and Lugo Romero.  ALTO, in partnership with Walgreens, was instrumental in securing material evidence, witness coordination, and being the point of contact for all parties. ALTO will continue serving as a victim advocate for our clients, implementing meaningful solutions to public safety concerns, and greatly appreciates the thorough work of SFDA’s prosecutors in the numerous cases against Defendants Shabbaz and Lugo Romero,” remarked Xochitl Carrion, Lead Attorney for ALTO Alliance. 

Mr. Lugo Romero’s case was successfully prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Leah Abraham. In addition to the sentence of 16 months state prison and one year of probation, Mr. Lugo Romero has been given a stay away order from two Walgreens employees, two Walgreens stores, and one CVS store.  

Mr. Shabazz’s case was successfully prosecuted by Elizabeth Ginise and Megan Wang. The San Francisco Police Department Taraval Station was instrumental in investigating and tracking these incidents. Mr. Shabazz is scheduled to be sentenced on April 15th in department 29.








三藩市——今天,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布Jean Lugo Romero因於Walgreens商店偷竊物品而被定罪和判刑,這宗事件的視頻在網上被廣泛流傳。視頻中Lugo Romero先生在商店內搶奪物品,然後騎著自行車離開。Lugo Romero 先生承認犯下盜竊重罪和盜竊輕罪,他被判處 16 個月監禁和一年緩刑,以及其他條款。


此外,在 2022 年 4 月 1 日星期五,陪審團就Ahmad Shabazz分別在三間Walgreens商店連串的小偷案達成 13 項罪名的有罪判決。 Shabazz 先生於Walgreens商店的5 宗單獨偷竊事件中被指控14 項輕罪,最終陪審團裁定13 項罪名成立。


「無論是有組織的零售盜竊集團犯案還是個別疑犯偷竊,所有影響我們本地企業的盜竊案都不會被容忍」地檢官博徹思:「裁決和判刑只是我們努力追究個別人士對三藩市零售盜竊造成的傷害而所需負責的一種方式。 我們還將繼續與其他機構合作,瓦解這些依賴犯罪而獲利的有組織網絡。」


三藩市地檢署除了向商店盜竊的疑犯作出起訴,也已經制定了許多措施來應對零售盜竊。 我們與協調零售商防損工作的國際組織ALTO 公司合作,同時與三藩市警方和灣區眾多地檢官組成聯盟,展開多項打擊三藩市盜竊零售的行動。


ALTO公司 與 Walgreens 及當本地執法部門(包括三藩市地檢署和三藩市警察局)合作使被告 Shabbaz 和 Lugo Romero 得以識別、逮捕和起訴。 ALTO 與 Walgreens 合作,在確保物證、協調證人,以及成為各方的主要聯繫人方面發揮了重要作用。 「ALTO 將繼續為受害者倡導,為公共安全問題實施有意義的解決方案,並非常感謝三藩市地檢署的檢察管在針對被告 Shabbaz 和 Lugo Romero 的案件中所做的詳盡工作」ALTO 聯盟首席律師 Xochitl Carrion 說 。

Lugo Romero 先生的案件由助理檢察官 Leah Abraham 成功起訴。 除了判處 16 個月的州監禁和一年的緩刑外,Lugo Romero 先生還須遵守兩項遠離 Walgreens 員工、兩間 Walgreens 商店和一間 CVS 商店的禁制令。

Shabazz 先生的案件由助理檢察官 Elizabeth Ginise 和 Megan Wang 成功起訴。 三藩市警察局 Taraval 警署在調查和追踪這宗案件方面發揮了重要作用。 Shabazz 先生定於 4 月 15 日在第 29 號法院被判刑。