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District Attorney Chesa Boudin Announces Guilty Verdict in Domestic Violence Homicide Trial

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Robyn Burke / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org
Public Information Officer

Today, District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced that a jury returned a guilty verdict of second-degree murder in the homicide trial against Casey Murray for the 2019 killing of his girlfriend, Alice James.  The jury also found Mr. Murray guilty of one count of felony domestic violence, two counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, one count of felony assault with great bodily injury, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest.  The case is the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s second homicide trial guilty verdict this week.

“My administration prioritizes homicide cases, and our assistant district attorneys have been working hard to bring homicide cases to trial,” said District Attorney Boudin.  “These verdicts ensure accountability for the victims’ families and loved ones.”

In June 2019 Mr. Murray bludgeoned his girlfriend, Alice James, to death with a wine bottle. Prior to this incident, there had been four domestic violence reports between Mr. Murray and the victim.

Police were notified of the homicide when a friend of Mr. Murray’s walked into Mission Station to report that he’d received a text message from Mr. Murray stating that he had killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself.  When police arrived at the victim’s house, Mr. Murray barricaded himself inside the house before trying to flee from officers, but officers were able to take him into custody.

“This was a brutal murder against a victim who had been tormented for years by her abuser,” said Assistant District Ryan King. “Although this verdict can never bring Alice back, I hope by holding Mr. Murray accountable for his actions, we can bring some solace to her family.”

This case was significant to domestic violence prevention advocates and leaders in the community.  “It was an honor to be with and support Alice’s family throughout this trial,” said Beverly Upton, Executive Director of the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium. “This beautiful woman was taken too soon at the hands of her abuser.  Ryan King did a tremendous job prosecuting this case and keeping the memory of Alice alive. I am relieved the family has received accountability for the loss of Alice.”

Assistant District Attorney Ryan King prosecuted the case, assisted by Paralegals Tony Yu and Jessica Diamond. Victim Services Advocate Jovan Thomas provided support to the victim’s family.  The police investigation was led by SFPD Sgt. Brent Dittmer.

In addition to this case, earlier this week a jury found Aaron Tagata guilty of first-degree murder for the 2019 stabbing death of Marco Perez-Diaz. Assistant District Attorney Aaron Laycook prosecuted the case.



Robyn Burke / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org

Public Information Officer



三藩市—今天,地檢官博徹思宣布,陪審團就Casey Murray 於2019 年謀殺女友Alice James的兇殺案中,達成二級謀殺罪罪名成立,同時裁定 Murray犯下一項家庭暴力重罪、兩項使用致命武器攻擊的重罪、一項造成嚴重身體傷害的重罪,以及一項拒捕的輕罪。 此是三藩市地檢署於本週內第二宗罪名成立的兇殺案。


在2019年六月期間,Murray 用紅酒瓶將他的女友 Alice James殺害。於此案發生前,Murray與受害人之間曾發生過四次家庭暴力的事件報告。


助理檢察官Ryan King說:「這是由施虐者向他多年來折磨的受害者犯下的一宗殘酷謀殺案。雖然這個判決無法把Alice帶回家人身邊,但我希望通過將Murray定罪,讓他為所犯下的罪行負責,可以給受害者的家人帶來一些安慰。」

這個案例對社區內的家庭暴力預防倡導者和領導者來說意義重大。 三藩市家庭暴力聯盟的行政主任Beverly Upton說:「很榮幸能與受害者的家人一起經歷整個審判過程,並從中提供支援。這個美麗的女士匆匆被她的施虐者帶走了,但Ryan King在起訴和讓Alice

繼續活在大家的記憶中都做得非常出色。 我為失去Alice的家人得到公平的裁決感到欣慰。」

助理檢察官Ryan King在律師助理 Tony Yu 和 Jessica Diamond 的協助下起訴此案。 受害者倡導專員 Jovan Thomas 為受害者的家人提供支援。調查由三藩市警察局的Brent Dittmer沙展領導。 除此案外,本週初陪審團裁定 Aaron Tagata 於 2019 年刺殺 Marco Perez-Diaz的一級謀殺罪罪名成立。 助理檢察官Aaron Laycook負責起訴此案。