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District Attorney’s Office announces partnership to prevent campus sexual violence and hate crimes and support survivors

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Sara Yousuf, Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org

Deputy Director of Communications / Assistant District Attorney


SAN FRANCISCO— Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced a new partnership between the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office; the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Department of Public Health; and the San Francisco State University Police Department to enhance the reporting and investigation of campus sexual assaults, violent crimes, and hate crimes, and improve support for survivors. The newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) establishes roles, procedures, and practices across these agencies for responding to reports of sexual violence crimes and hate crimes and ensuring that survivors’ needs are met.


“Sexual violence is an underreported crime; too often survivors of sexual assault are reluctant to come forward and fear that their needs will not be centered. This partnership will help ensure that sexual assault survivors receive the trauma-informed support and services they need to heal,” said District Attorney Boudin. “We are also pleased that this agreement establishes responses for campus hate crimes as well, as our office has been dedicated to preventing and responding to these crimes.


Reginald Parson, SFSU Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police echoed the District Attorney’s enthusiasm for the new partnership.  “I am looking forward to better serving survivors and meeting them where they are at,” said Parson. “Going forward, all of the agencies will be cross-training each other so that we are all taking a trauma-informed approach when we interact with survivors.”

 MOU’s Outlined Processes

The MOU establishes procedures and coordination between each agency in response to incidents of sexual violence, violent crimes, and hate crimes. It provides that a victim will receive information and assistance accessing services like counseling, medical examinations, and, when the victim consents, a free sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE) regardless of the victim’s engagement with law enforcement. The MOU also establishes ongoing communication and coordination between each agency during pending investigations. 


Expanded Access to Victim Services

The MOU facilitates access to victim services for survivors of campus sexual assault, violent crimes and hate crimes; it provides a direct line of communication from the San Francisco State University Police Department to the District Attorney’s Victim Services Division. When a survivor reports a sexual assault or hate crime on campus, the San Francisco State University Police Department will notify the SFDA Victim Services Division for linkage to medical services, therapy, victim compensation, and community-based services. Victims who choose not to file police reports are also eligible for support from SFDA Victim Advocates. In cases that result in prosecutions or campus disciplinary hearings, Victim Advocates will help survivors navigate the court or campus disciplinary process by informing them of their legal rights and providing case updates. In cases that result in prosecution Victim Advocates are also able to accompany survivors to court proceedings.

 MOU’s Process for Training and Prevention

In addition to providing enhanced victim services, this agreement bolsters crime prevention efforts and enhances training. Pursuant to the agreement, the SFSU PD will train the SFPD on the federal and state requirements regarding sexual assault prevention. Community Based Organizations and Rape Counseling Centers involved in campus disciplinary investigations will train the SFSU PD and the SFPD on survivors’ rights, services for survivors in the community, and strategies for preventing sexual assault and shifting social norms that perpetuate sexual violence. The SFPD and the SFSU PD will collaborate to provide training to the campus community to increase awareness of ways to intervene in and prevent sexual violence. 

 The MOU’s Trauma-Informed and Culturally Sensitive Responses

The parties to the new MOU have committed to utilizing trauma-informed responses to sexual violence, violent crimes, and hate crimes, and to prioritizing survivors’ privacy and dignity. The agreement specifies that neither the SFPD nor the SF State Police Department will discourage or require a victim to make a criminal complaint or seek campus disciplinary action.

The MOU also provides protections for particularly vulnerable groups.  Specifically, the agreement safeguards the unique needs of undocumented individuals by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate law enforcement services. This includes providing access to interpreters so that survivors can be served in the language in which they are most comfortable. 

 MOU’s Process for Data Collection and Information Sharing

To measure the efficacy of the agreement, the parties will collect and share data on the number of violent crimes, hate crimes and sexual assaults occurring each year and compare them to baseline numbers from prior to the agreement. The parties also will review feedback from victims to determine whether the process is serving their needs.


MOU Expands Upon a Previous Agreement with Seven Other Schools

This agreement is a first-time partnership between the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and San Francisco State University, but the District Attorney’s Office has partnered previously with other colleges and universities to prevent campus sexual assault. The District Attorney’s Office previously entered into a Campus Sexual Assault Memorandum of Understanding to address the underreporting of campus sexual assault as well as inadequate training, lack of services and established procedures for addressing sexual assault on college campuses.  The seven schools that entered into the 2015 MOU are University of San Francisco (USF), University of California San Francisco (UCSF) UC Hastings School of Law, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, City College San Francisco, Academy of Art and Golden Gate University. The 2015 agreement broke ground by imposing new requirements that campuses immediately alert law enforcement when a sexual assault occurs. That requirement was later codified in the California Education Code, which is incorporated in this new MOU.


To learn more about the District Attorney’s Victim Services Division and the services it provides to crime survivors, please visit: https://sfdistrictattorney.org/victim-services/.  Sexual assault survivors can also access services and support from San Francisco Women Against Rape and UCSF’s Trauma Recovery Center.



Sara Yousuf, (415) 603-9696 / Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org

Deputy Director of Communications / Assistant District Attorney




三藩市 — 今天,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布,三藩市地區檢察署 (SFDA) 與三藩市警察局 (SFPD)、三藩市公共衛生局 (SFDPH) 和三藩市州立大學警察局 (SFSUPD) 建立新的夥伴關係,以加強對校園中性侵犯、暴力和仇恨罪行的舉報和調查,及改善對倖存者的支援。新簽署的諒解備忘錄確立這些機構的職責、程序和做法,以應對性暴力和仇恨罪行的舉報,及確保滿足倖存者的需求。




三藩市州立大學助理副主席兼警察局長 Reginald Parson 對地檢官熱忱的新夥伴關係作出附議。「我期望更好地服務倖存者和設身處地去支援他/她們,」Parson 說:「展望未來,所有機構將進行相互培訓,讓我們與倖存者交流互動時都能採取創傷知情的護理方法。」



此諒解備忘錄確立每個機構在應對性暴力、暴力和仇恨罪行事故的程序和協調。無論受害者是否參與執法程序,它規定受害者將可接受信息和援助,以獲取心理諮詢、醫療檢查等服務;並在受害者同意的情況下,進行免費的性侵犯法醫檢查 (SAFE)。此諒解備忘錄亦確立有待調查期間,每個機構之間的持續溝通和協調。



此諒解備忘錄為校園中性侵犯、暴力和仇恨罪行的倖存者提供便捷受害者服務;它備有 SFSUPD 與 SFDA 受害者服務部的通信專線。當倖存者舉報校園發生的性侵犯或仇恨罪行時,SFSUPD 將通知 SFDA 受害者服務部,以聯繫醫療護理、心理治療、受害者補償和社區為本的服務。選擇不向警方落案的受害者,亦有資格獲得 SFDA 受害者倡導員的支援。如果案件進入拘控程序或校園紀律聽證會,受害者倡導員將協助倖存者瞭解法庭或校園聆訊程序,並告知其合法權利和案件更新及陪同出席聆訊。



除了提供添加的受害者服務外,此協議還增強了預防犯罪工作和相關培訓。根據協議,SFSUPD 將按照聯邦和州府對性侵犯預防的要求為 SFPD 進行培訓。參與校園紀律調查的社區組織和強姦諮詢中心將培訓 SFSUPD 和 SFPD,有關倖存者權利、社區中倖存者服務、及防止性侵犯和改變延續性暴力常態的策略。SFPD 和 SFSUPD 將合作為校園社群提供培訓,以提高介入和預防性暴力的意識和方法。



聯署新諒解備忘錄的各方,承諾採取創傷知情措施來應對性暴力、暴力和仇恨罪行,並優先考慮倖存者的隱私和尊嚴。此協議規定 SFPD 和 SFSUPD 均不會勸阻或要求受害者提出刑事申訴或尋求校園紀律處分。







此協議是三藩市地檢署與三藩市州立大學的首次夥伴關係,但地檢署早前曾經與其他院校合作,以防止校園性侵犯。地檢署早前簽署一份《校園性侵犯諒解備忘錄》,以申訴校園性侵犯的報告不足及欠缺足夠培訓、缺乏服務和設定處理院校內性侵犯的程序。已加入2015年諒解備忘錄的七所院校為:三藩市大學 (USF)、加州大學三藩市分校 (UCSF)、加州大學哈斯汀法學院、三藩市音樂學院、三藩市市立學院、藝術學院和金門大學。2015年的協議因為新加要求而啟動,校園內發生性侵犯事故必須立即告示執法部門。這要求日後被編入《加州教育法典》,並納入此新訂諒解備忘錄中。


想要知悉有關地檢署受害者服務部及其提供予罪案倖存者的服務,請瀏覽:https://sfdistrictattorney.org/victim-services/。性侵犯倖存者亦可從三藩市婦女反強姦協會 (San Francisco Women Against Rape) 和 UCSF 的 創傷康復中心 (Trauma Recovery Center) 獲得服務和支援。