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San Francisco District Attorney Boudin Announces New Victim Services Dashboard to Start National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

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Rachel Marshall, (415) 416-4468 / Rachel.Marshall@sfgov.org

Director of Communications / Policy Advisor / Assistant District Attorney    

SAN FRANCISCOToday, at the start of National Crime Victims’ Rights Awareness Week, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the launch of a new, first-in-office-history data dashboard that shares information on victims served by the District Attorney’s Office’s Victim Services Division (“VSD”).  The dashboard shows that even as reported crime decreased in the city—especially in 2020 during the height of the pandemic—the number of victims served by VSD has continued to proportionately grow, reaching a record high in 2021.  This reflects District Attorney Boudin’s commitment to expanding Victim Services and establishing new programs to support victims in San Francisco.

“As District Attorney, supporting victims and survivors is my top priority, which is why we have expanded our Victim Services Division dramatically in the past two years.  In addition to the tremendous gains we have made, we will continue to advocate for more funding, resources, and staff for our Victim Services Division,” said District Attorney Boudin.  “I am thankful to our dedicated Chief of Victim Services, Kasie Lee—whom I proud to have both hired and promoted— and to our hardworking, conscientious victim advocates who are committed to making sure every crime victim feels heard and is supported. I am pleased that with our newest dashboard, the public can easily view information about our work to support victims—which I hope will encourage more victims to come forward.”

“I am so honored to work for Chesa and to head the District Attorney’s Victim Services Division.  Because of Chesa’s support, we have been able to expand VSD and promote language access, particularly for AAPI victims, who have historically been excluded,” said Chief of Victim Services, Kasie Lee. “I hope that victims from a diverse range of communities see these data on our new dashboard and recognize our office’s commitment to supporting victims regardless of whether a crime is reported or solved by police.  I encourage more victims to come forward so we can provide services to even more survivors, especially in underserved communities.”

The new Victim Services dashboard displays the number of victims the District Attorney’s Office has served through VSD since 2011 as well as the demographics of all victims served, including the primary language spoken by victims who are non-native English speakers.  The dashboard also lists the type of crime each victim served by VSD experienced. 

The data show that in 2o21, the VSD served more victims (8,702 victims served) than ever before in office history despite reported crimes remaining at historic lows.  This year, 2022, is already on track to surpass that number.  This reflects the District Attorney Boudin’s commitment to supporting victims in San Francisco.

Victim Services Division Advances

Under District Attorney Boudin and Chief Lee’s leadership, the Victim Services Division has expanded and created numerous new programs, including:

Expanding Support for Crime Victims

  • Creating, for the first time in office history, two property victim advocate positions to support victims of property crime;
  • Creating an AAPI Elder Abuse Steering Committee to protect vulnerable community members;
  • Securing the largest grant in office history to expand victim-centered restorative justice approaches to harm;
  • Creating a policy to compensate victims of police violence just like any other victim, so families whose loved ones are victims of police violence don’t have to rely on GoFundMe accounts to pay funeral, burial, and medical expenses;
  • Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with UCSF’s program, Project Wraparound, to assist victims of gun violence;

Improving Language Access for Victims

  • Adding numerous multi-lingual victim advocates to the District Attorney’s Office;
  • Creating a new policy to ensure that all victims with limited English proficiency have access to interpreters in court;
  • Developing a new policy to allow public-facing staff to take language classes during business hours to better serve non-English speaking community members;

Protecting Vulnerable Small Businesses

  • Creating a pilot program with Supervisor Dean Preston in District 5 to compensate small businesses facing vandalism;
  • Initiating a groundbreaking lawsuit against a law firm that was filing thousands of fraudulent lawsuits against small, frequently immigrant-owned businesses across the state;

Crime Prevention

  • Creating a new initiative to assist members of the public in obtaining gun violence restraining orders to get guns out of the hands of people who pose a threat to themselves or others;
  • Filing a civil prosecution against the manufacturers of ghost guns—unregulated, untraceable firearms assembled at home—to prevent them from flooding our city with these deadly weapons; and
  • Signing an MOU with local colleges/universities to prevent on-campus sexual assaults and hate crimes.

The new Victim Services dashboard can be accessed here: https://sfdistrictattorney.org/victim-services/.




三藩市——今天,在全國罪案受害者權利週開始之際,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布推出一個前所未有的數據儀表板,該儀表板顯示地檢署受害者服務部(Victim services division, VSD)所協助的受害者的信息。據儀表板顯示,即使三藩市罪案報案率有所下降(尤其是在 2020 年疫情高峰期間),受害者服務部所協助的受害者人數按比例持續增長,更在 2021 年達到歷史新高。反映出地檢官博徹思為三藩市市民擴展受害者服務部及建立新服務計劃的承諾。

「作為三藩市地檢官,支援受害者和倖存者是我的首要任務,所以我們在過去的兩年裡大幅度擴展了受害者服務部。 雖然取得重大的成就,但我們將繼續受害者服務部爭取更多的資金、資源和工作人員。」地檢官博徹思說:「感謝受害者服務部敬業樂業的部門主管李蕙儀,我為聘請和提拔她而感到自豪,也感激我們努力工作、盡職盡責的受害者倡導專員,他們致力確保每位罪案受害者的需求被聽到並獲得支援。 我很高興透過最新的儀表板,公眾可以輕鬆查看有關我們支援受害者的工作的信息,也希望此舉能鼓勵更多的受害者站出來。」

「我很榮幸為地檢官博徹思並領導地檢署的受害者服務部。 由賴地檢官的支持,我們能夠擴展後受害者服務部並促進語言服務,特別是歷來被排除在外的亞裔受害者。」害者服務部主管李蕙儀說:「我希望來自不同社區的受害者都能在我們的新儀表板上看到這些數據,並認可地檢署對支援受害者的承諾,無論案件是否有被舉報或警方是否有破案。 我鼓勵更多的受害者挺身而出,這樣我們就可以為更多的倖存者提供服務,尤其是在服務不足的社區。」

受害者服務儀表板顯示地檢署自 2011 年以來,由受害者服務部所服務的受害者人數及其人口統計數據,包括非英語為母語的受害者所使用的主要語言。 儀表板還列出了受害者服務部的每個受害者所經歷的罪案類型。

數據顯示,儘管報案率仍處於歷史低位,但在 2021 年,受害者服務所協助的受害者人數(服務了 8,702 名受害者)比以往任何時候都要多。 今年,即 2022 年,預計會超過這個數字。 這反映了地檢官博徹思對支援三藩市受害者的承諾。




  • 歷史上首次設立兩個財產受害者倡導專員職位,以支持財產罪案受害者;
  • 創建關注亞太裔被虐待長者指導委員會,以保護弱勢社區成員;
  • 地檢署獲得有史以來最大的撥款,以擴大以受害者為中心的恢復性司法方式以應對傷害;
  • 制定政策來補償遭受警察暴力對待的受害者,就像其他任何受害者一樣,因此警察暴力受害者的家人不必依賴 GoFundMe 籌款方式來支付殮葬、喪禮和醫療費用;
  • 與三藩市加州大學醫學院的 Project Wraparound 計劃簽訂諒解備忘錄,以幫助槍支暴力受害者;


  • 為地檢署增添了會多語種的受害者倡導專員;
  • 制定新政策,確保所有英語能力有限的受害者都能在法庭上獲得口譯員;
  • 制定新政策,允許服務公眾的員工在工作時間參加語言課程,以更好地為非英語社區成員提供服務;


  • 與第 5 區市參事潘正義合作創建一項試點計劃,補償店面遭受破壞的小商業;
  • 對一間律師事務所提出了突破性的訴訟,該律師事務所對全加州尤其為移民擁有的小商業提出了數千宗欺詐訴訟;


  • 制定一項新舉措,協助公眾獲得槍支暴力限制令,把槍支從對自己或他人構成威脅的人手中奪走;
  • 對鬼槍(可在家組裝,不受管制、無法追踪的槍支)製造商提出民事訴訟,以防止這些致命武器充斥我們的社區;及
  • 與本地學院/大學簽署諒解備忘錄,以防止校園性侵和仇恨犯罪。