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San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Announces Guilty Verdicts in Domestic Violence Trial

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Sara Yousuf / 415-603-9696 / Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org

Deputy Director of Communications / Assistant District Attorney

SAN FRANCISCO—Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced that yesterday a jury reached five guilty verdicts in a misdemeanor domestic violence trial. The jury convicted on all five counts including one count of Domestic Battery (PC 243(e)(1)) and four counts of Violating a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (PC 273.6(a)). Although the victim in this case did not cooperate with the prosecution–and instead testified for the defense–the jury heard independent evidence that established Mr. Macias’s guilt, and convicted him accordingly.

“Our obligation to promote public safety means we must–and will– hold accountable those whom we know committed domestic violence,” said District Attorney Boudin. “Domestic violence cases can often be challenging and emotional, and it is especially painful when victims protect their abusers. Here, the independent evidence–including eye witnesses; the 911 call; and Mr. Macias’s own admissions over the phone–established that he committed domestic violence. I commend my team’s hard work in securing this conviction in spite of the challenges.”

The case stemmed from a November 19, 2020 incident in which Mr. Anthony Macias struck the victim multiple times in the head. Mr. Macias subsequently made phone calls to the victim from jail in violation of a court order.

A neighbor testified that he witnessed the crime. After hearing screaming outside, he looked outside of his apartment window and saw a man he later identified as Mr. Macias striking a woman at least three times in the head with a closed fist. The neighbor then approached the couple and told Mr. Macias to stop but Mr. Macias remained aggressive. Upon learning the neighbor called 911, Mr. Macias turned to the victim and said, “Look, [victim] see what you made me do?” as the victim apologized to him.
In the 911 call, the neighbor clearly described his observations, some of which were contemporaneous. The District Attorney’s Office introduced that 911 call in trial.

The victim told inconsistent accounts to police, first denying that Mr. Macias had been violent and then claiming he had only pushed her.
The District Attorney’s Office also introduced evidence of Mr. Macias’s subsequent calls from the jail, in which he repeatedly contacted the victim in violation of a court order. In one of those calls, Mr. Macias asked the victim, “Did anyone see me hit you?” and in another he asks, “Did I hit you in front of him?”

In addition to this evidence, Inspector Tony Flores from San Francisco’s Police Department’s SVU testified as an expert as to the behavior of domestic violence victims and why they may recant, minimize, or lie to protect their abuser.

Assistant District Attorney Paige Zielinski successfully prosecuted this case with support from law clerk Alexis Noel and paralegals Loretta Luu and Lena Ku. “This was an emotional trial because the victim clearly wanted to protect Mr. Macias, despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt,” said Assistant District Attorney Paige Zielinski. “I commend the jury for their thoughtfulness and attentiveness in evaluating each piece of that evidence and ultimately holding Mr. Macias accountable.”