Conviction Review

of the Unit:

  • IIB reports directly to the District Attorney

  • IIB works autonomously and independently of every other unit within the District Attorney’s Office

  • Exclusively works on police use of force cases and post-conviction claims of innocence

  • All final reports written by IIB are submitted to the California Department of Justice and posted on the office’s website

  • The press is also notified of every decision



Conviction Review

The prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system is to prosecute those who violate the law and to protect the innocent. To that end, prosecutors have a duty to seek the truth before, during, and after conviction.

In addition to investigating and prosecuting officer conduct, IIB also examines post-conviction claims of innocence through an extrajudicial, fact-based review where credible and verifiable evidence of innocence exists.

IIB identifies cases for investigation in two ways.

  • By proactively and broadly reviewing cases for which allegations of misconduct are discovered internally through a lookback process.
  • Based on credible complaints of procedural error or factual innocence, often based on newly discovered evidence, raised by incarcerated individuals. Click here for a Conviction Review Request Form.

IIB is committed to thoroughly investigating post-conviction cases and, where justice requires, pursuing exoneration of the wrongfully convicted.