DA Gascón Joins Bipartisan Group to Discuss Direction of Cutting-Edge Criminal Justice Policies

September 24, 2012

CONTACT: Stephanie Ong Stillman, DA Gascón’s Office, (415) 553-1167
ADA Alex Bastian, DA Gascón’s Office, (415) 553-1931

San Francisco, CA ―The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center brought together a group of state and local leaders from across the nation―including respected legislators, court and law enforcement officials, cabinet secretaries, and other gubernatorial appointees―in Austin, TX, this month to discuss complex criminal justice policies.

Among the group was San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. Known for his expertise in community based solutions to public safety, use of data in law enforcement, Gascón participated in discussions among the bipartisan group of board members who gathered to determine the best ways to advance the latest thinking and evidence-based practices on such issues as corrections spending and public safety outcomes, recidivism among people leaving prisons and jails, the appropriate involvement of victim services, school discipline and juvenile justice, and other issues that touch multiple disciplines and systems.

“The Justice Center works to advance data-driven, criminal justice information that allows policymakers to more accurately understand how complex issues affect communities,” said Gascón. “The criminal justice policy issues that face our states today require innovative, evidence-based approaches that can make a significant difference in people’s lives and in how our criminal justice system works.”

The collective input from the board members shaped the Justice Center’s priorities for the coming year. The group examined options for keeping pace with the demand for its technical assistance, research, and policy guidance in such areas as prisoner reentry, Project Safe Neighborhoods, justice reinvestment, and criminal justice/mental health collaborations.

“DA Gascón has been an important part of shaping our key objectives and is an example of the leadership needed to do evidence based, bipartisan criminal justice work,” said Michael Thompson, executive director of the Justice Center. “We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of talented experts represented on our board.”

The Council of State Governments Justice Center is a national nonprofit organization that serves policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels from all branches of government. It provides practical, nonpartisan advice and consensus-driven strategies—informed by available evidence—to increase public safety and strengthen communities.
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