Formerly Incarcerated Advisory (“FIA”) Board

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Focus Areas

Re-Entry Services

Mentoring At-Risk Youth
Social Inclusion

There is a growing movement in our country to better understand what effective and lasting criminal justice reform looks like. Incorporating all of our perspectives, especially those of individuals who have experienced the system firsthand and are committed to making it more just for all, is essential to this movement.

This is exactly why our office created the first-of-its-kind advisory board, for a prosecutor’s office, of formerly incarcerated individuals who are now reintegrating into our community. Borne from our innovative program, The SFDA/San Quentin News Forum, the Formerly Incarcerated Advisory (“FIA”) Board represents a group of thoughtful change makers and leaders committed to rethinking what true criminal justice reform requires. They bring a wealth of knowledge and nuance to our understanding of the types of supportive services that recently released men and women need to stay out of the criminal justice system; many of our members are navigating these systems themselves. At the same time, their ability (and credibility) to share their stories and insights with a variety of communities make them a powerful resource for generating positive change.

Our FIA Board comes together regularly to meet with the DA to work on creating supportive systems for safely and productively reintegrating recently released men and women into society, building robust mentorship programs to connect with at-risk youth, and organizing forums to educate the public about their experiences within the criminal justice system.


Report on the FIA Board; "The Inspiration, Inception, and Impact"