Independent Investigations Bureau (IIB)

of the Unit:

  • IIB reports directly to the District Attorney

  • IIB works autonomously and independently of every other unit within the District Attorney’s Office

  • Exclusively works on police use of force cases and post-conviction claims of innocence

  • All final reports written by IIB are submitted to the California Department of Justice and posted on the office’s website

  • The press is also notified of every decision




Memorandum of Understanding, Investigative Process

















Independent Investigations Bureau (IIB)

A strong relationship of mutual trust between law enforcement and the community is among the most important tools for ensuring public safety. Communities are safer when law enforcement’s relationship with community members is built on cooperation and respect for shared values and rights. As the District Attorney’s Office, our commitment to public safety ensures our commitment to building trust between our office and the community we represent. It is our responsibility to hold all people, including law enforcement personnel, accountable when deemed just under the law.




IIB’s 3 Main Responsibilities

1. Investigate and review all officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths.

2. Investigate and review all other excessive use of force cases.

3. Conviction review: assess and remedy individual colorable claims of innocence and broadly examine cases of misconduct discovered through a proactive, internal lookback process. Click here for a Conviction Review Request Form.


Contact Us

IIB responds to referrals from the public and other agencies. Attorneys and investigators work together on these matters to conduct diligent, independent investigations of all credible allegations. Whether by referral or through the on-call process, IIB’s approach is designed to ensure that professional, thorough, and impartial investigations are conducted.

IIB may be reached by e-mail at or telephone at (415) 581-9805.

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