The District Attorney’s Office is at the forefront of numerous initiatives made to connect our office with San Francisco’s diverse communities and neighborhoods.  Our approach concentrates, not only on providing justice and ensuring safety, but also on breaking the cycle of crime all together.  These initiatives provide innovative and efficient solutions to protect victims, hold offenders accountable, and resolve the underlying causes of crime.   We remain committed to developing crime prevention strategies to make San Francisco the safest large city in America.  Below are descriptions of several of our key programs.

Youth Programs

In order to target the underlying issues of crime, we concentrate on cultivating strong youth community members.  Our initiatives focus on ending the school-to-prison pipeline, a trend in which children are funneled out of schools and into the system of incarceration. Through our work in keeping kids in school, we are able to target the issues of truancy and deter students from dropping out.  Our programs include Truancy Prevention and Intervention and “Make it Right” Restorative Community Conferencing. By directly engaging with youth through mentoring and campaigns, children are an integral part in keeping our community safer.

Diversion & Reentry

With California’s alarming prison overcrowding crisis, diversion programs and reducing recidivism are a focal point in our prevention strategies.  According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, over 65% of those released from prison will return within three years. Our office is working on reducing the recidivism rate through the use of alternatives to incarceration and transitional programs such as such as Neighborhood Courts, Collaborative Courts, First Offender Prostitution Program, and SF STRONG.

Community EngagementNeighborhood Court Adjudictor

Preventing crime involves working with the community to create meaningful partnerships to improve public safety.  Through our Neighborhood Prosecutors and Community Advisory Boards, community members and law enforcement work side by side to identify public safety issues and solutions. 

Policy and Reform

With the current state of the criminal justice system, significant policy and reform are necessary in combating the underlying issues of crime.  The District Attorney’s Office is committed to a ‘smart on crime’ approach that uses data-driven methods using DA STAT to promote public safety and ensure justice.  The Office also promotes efforts to increase spending for behavioral health, rather than more jails, and efforts to reform the money bail system. Through an evidence-based analysis, our office provides an innovative and systematic approach towards criminal justice reform with initiatives such as the Sentencing Commission, and the Sentencing Planner.

Public Education Campaigns

A key proponent in ensuring public safety is raising public awareness.  Our public education campaigns involve working with mainstream and ethnic media, holding community education and training events, and more to provide safety for all communities in San Francisco.  Through our extensive public education campaigns, our office communicates the important issues to the people and protects vulnerable populations. Campaigns include Red Zone AwarenessSecure Our Smartphones, Immigration Fraud, and Blessing Scams.