Latino Advisory Board

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Focus Areas

Immigration and Immigration Fraud

Public Safety
Youth Violence Prevention


The Latino Advisory Board’s Mission Statement:

To advise District Attorney George Gascón on issues affecting the Latino Community. We will critically review, investigate, analyze, and prepare a work plan in a timely, open and fair process. Together, we will work to keep ourselves informed about the community’s perspectives and identify promising options on important subjects. In this process, we want productivity, respect, creativity, and clarity. Respect is important – in our communications, in how we use our time, and in seeking new solutions to old problems.

The District Attorney’s Office convened meetings with the Latino Advisory Board and other interested agencies to see what could be done to improve our ability to deliver public safety services to the Latino Community.

As immigration concerns continue to grow more complex and funding to support sanctuary communities evaporates, immigrant communities are less likely to trust and cooperate with local police and prosecutors. This group will continue to work with the DA's office to address these challenges in the years to come.