Man Facing 150 Years To Life For Human Trafficking And Sexual Aassault Of Two Minors

News from the Office of District Attorney George Gascón


April 5, 2016


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SAN FRANCISCO – Today, District Attorney George Gascón announced that late yesterday afternoon a jury found Jamar Geeter, age 28, of San Francisco, guilty of 16 felonies including human trafficking, rape, forcible oral copulation, and pimping and pandering.  The crimes were connected with two reported missing children, who were 14 and 16 year old girls at the time of their victimization.  This year-long investigation culminated in a two month trial.  Mr. Geeter faces 150 years to life in state prison.
“This defendant preyed upon two children and attempted to profit off them as though they were property.” said District Attorney George Gascón.  “Our humanity is not for sale, human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that will be met with firm consequences.”
According to court records, on July 6th, 2014, one of the victims, a 14 year old girl from Daly City, was at a bus stop on the corner of Geneva and Mission St. when Mr. Geeter approached her.  The Defendant offered to buy her a burrito, and she went with him to the area of Mission Street.  He later offered her alcohol and told her his occupation of being a pimp.  Later that night, Geeter attempted to get her to engage in prostitution.  When she refused, he continued to give her alcohol and took her to the Broadway Inn.  She woke up naked and sore, but was not sure what sex acts had occurred.  The Defendant then left for a short while telling her not to call anyone or leave.
He arrived back at the hotel with a second girl, a prostitute loyal to Geeter.  He then moved the two girls to the Civic Center Inn and lured the 14 year old victim into prostitution.  He provided clothing, condoms, and rules to follow.  She engaged in acts of prostitution in the area of Polk and Ellis as well as Capp Street from July 7th - to the 11th under the control of Mr. Geeter with the help and direction of the other prostitute.  During that time he also sexually assaulted the 14 year old victim.  On the 11th she was taken to Oakland to prostitute but fled from Mr. Geeter. She was on International Blvd. when she was contacted by a prostitute who offered to house her, but instead this prostitute forced her to work for her pimp.  She prostituted for this pimp in Oakland and San Jose.  Fortunately, while in Oakland, she reached out to friends and her mother on a cell phone provided to her by Mr. Geeter, and the police were able to track the phone’s location. On July 15th, in the late morning, she was stopped by Daly City Police who had located her on International Blvd.  They retuned her home safely, but during their interview of the victim police learned about the circumstances of her trafficking at the hands of the defendant, and SFPD was called into take over the investigation.  The victim had been reported missing by her parents and there had been an ongoing investigation to locate her.
On December 31, 2014, a second victim, a 16 year old girl, came in contact with Mr. Geeter and his 16 year old friend.  The 16 year old male friend of the Defendant exchanged numbers with the victim and her friend.  On January 1, 2015 Mr. Geeter and his friend traveled to Richmond to pick up the victim and her friend with plans to hang out in the city. Once in the city, the victim’s friend left her with the Defendant.  The victim later sought the help of another friend to get out of the uncomfortable situation, but before she was able to do so Mr. Geeter moved her to the Civic Center Inn.  That evening the 16 year old victim was raped by the Defendant. The Defendant disabled the victim’s phone and provided a burner phone for prostitution purposes.  Several attempts were made by family to reach out to the victim on social media and by phone, but the phone was not in working order.  
The Defendant then instructed the victim that he was a pimp and that the victim was to be his prostitute. He instituted rules, provided clothing, and condoms and put her out in the area of Polk and Ellis on the 3rd and the 4th of January.  On the 4th the victim posted on Facebook that she was scared.  This was seen by family members, who had already reported her missing, and informed them of her desperate situation.  On the 5th he took her to the area of Mission and Capp, where she called for help from her family. Her family intervened and came up with a plan which resulted in the release of the 16 year old victim.
Both victims underwent rigorous physical exams and usable DNA was located on the 16 year old victim.  Biological matter was found on the 14 year old victim as well, but not a sufficient amount to compile a genetic profile to compare against the Defendant.  Both victims are recovering, with the 16 year old victim currently enrolled in a joint high school and college program, while the 14 year old victim has since earned her high school degree and welding certificate.
“The prosecution of this case embodies what this office is all about, a victim centered approach,” said Assistant District Attorney Rani Singh.  “By coming forward to testify against the man that had terrorized them these young victims exhibited unparalleled courage.  It was a privilege to work with these survivors.”
This is the first case by our office under Prop 35 (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act) which made considerable changes to state laws in order to combat human trafficking and exploitation such as:

1.      Higher prison terms for human traffickers.
2.    Require convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders, to prevent future crimes.
3.    Require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts, to stop predators online.
4.    Increase fines from convicted human traffickers and use these funds to pay for victims’ services, so survivors can repair their lives.
5.     Mandate human trafficking training for law enforcement.
6.    Protect victims in court proceedings.
7.     Remove the need to prove force to prosecute child sex traffickers.
Defendant Geeter is scheduled to be sentenced on March 24th in Department 10.  The Honorable Jerome Benson presided.  This successful prosecution was a result of extensive inter-agency cooperation between the Daly City, Richmond, and San Francisco Police Departments.  Special thanks go to SFPD inspectors Tony Flores and Randy Ly, Allen Nance and the Juvenile Probation Department, as well as Victim Advocates Delia Montiel, Vanessa Cerde, IT Support Staff Morris Moore, District Attorney Investigators Molly Braun, Mikki Toomer, Van Jackson, and Charlie Sanchez.  Additional thanks go to Crime Strategies Unit analyst Kimberly Hunter, Law Clerk Megan Hamilton, Paralegal Nina Stellini and Intern Urvashi Malhotra.  Assistant District Attorney Rani Singh prosecuted the case.