Man Found Guilty After Intentionally Running Over a Firefighter

April 9, 2015

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Yesterday,  a jury convicted Eduardo Chaparro-Esquivel of torture, mayhem, and assault with a deadly weapon with an enhancement for great bodily injury.  The victim was a state firefighter who had a two year-old daughter at the time of the incident.  He has been in a coma since the crime occurred on the before Thanksgiving in 2011. 


“This victim dedicated his life to saving others, so it’s incredibly tragic that he lost so much as a result of a minor dispute,”said District Attorney George Gascón.  “We’re pleased that this violent man was held accountable, but this conviction is a stern reminder that resorting to violence is the quickest way to ruin lives.  This public servant and his family may never fully recover, and this defendant may spend the rest of his life behind bars.” 


Chaparro-Esquivel intentionally struck the victim with his car as the victim was walking into a gas station parking lot.  The defendant was going about 35 mph and hit the victim head on, causing him to be projected into the air and land head first on the curb.   The victim never regained consciousness.  The defendant was retaliating after a dispute which had erupted in the Jack In the Box on Geary just two minutes prior to the incident.  While in Jack In The Box the defendant said, “give me my food I’m going to run him over.”  The defendant also said,“I’m going to fuck him up.”  Chaparro-Esquivel will be sentenced at on May 6th in Department 29.


This successful prosecution was due to the excellent work of SFDA Office intern Lucia Li, the SFDA Office’s homicide unit and SFPD Sergeant John Kasper.  Head of the SFDA Homicide Unit, Eric Fleming, was the prosecutor on the case.