Man Found Guilty of First Degree Murder for Drive by Killing

News from the Office of District Attorney George Gascón


NOVEMBER 2, 2015


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SAN FRANCISCO – Today, District Attorney George Gascón announced that a jury found Justin Howard, age 26, of San Francisco, guilty of first degree murder with an enhancement for committing the crime with a firearm in the drive by killing of 25 year old Dominic Anderson on Friday, June 13, 2014. 


“This man committed an incredibly violent act for which he will face the consequences,” said District Attorney George Gascón.  “At the end of the day his lies and senselessness were his own undoing.”


According to court records, witnesses testified in court that at around 9:15 AM on June 13, 2014, a purple car pulled up alongside Mr. Anderson’s vehicle which was parked at 15th and Mission Streets in San Francisco.  One witness watched as the shooter stuck their arm out of the vehicle window, and shot Mr. Anderson multiple times.  Witnesses were able to provide a description of the distinctive purple automobile, as well as the first three and last three digits of the license plate number. 


Later that same day at 3:30 PM on Friday the 13th, the defendant called the Oakland Police Department to report that his purple vehicle had been stolen the night before the murder.  Video found by investigators, however, showed the defendant’s vehicle and that of his girlfriend driving in tandem, passing through the carpool lane of the Bay Bridge toll plaza without paying a toll at 8:57 AM on Friday morning.  The defendant further claimed in his statement to Oakland Police that his girlfriend took him to his appointment at 9 AM, however hospital records had him registering at 10:56 AM.  The defendant’s alibis were further invalidated by cell phone records which showed the defendant leaving his girlfriend’s house in Richmond at 8:30 AM and driving over the Bay Bridge, which was corroborated by the toll plaza video. 


In total 24 witnesses testified to support the prosecution.  The Honorable Samuel Feng presided.  This successful prosecution was a result of the hard work and dedication of SFPD Lt. John Burke and Sgt. Oscar Barcena, FBI Special Agent Michael Easter, Oakland Police Department Officer Michael Troupe, and Certified Law Student Megan Grow.  Assistant District Attorney John Rowland prosecuted the case.