Murder Charges Filed in Fisherman’s Wharf Shootings

February 1, 2011


Erica Terry Derryck, DA Gascón’s Office, (415) 553-1167
ADA Seth Steward, DA Gascón’s Office, (415) 553-1014

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón announced today the charging of Hong Ri Wu (DOB: 9/14/1954) with two counts murder for the shooting deaths of Feng Ping Ou (DOB: 6/18/1980) and Qiong Han Chu (DOB: 12/26/1980).

The fatal shootings took place on Sunday, January 31, 2011 in San Francisco. The defendant remains in custody on two counts of murder in violation of Penal Code Section 187. An allegation for use of a firearm pursuant to Penal Code Section 12022.53 was also charged. This is a special circumstances case as a result of the multiple murder charges.

The defendant is scheduled to be arraigned in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, February 2, 2011.