Neighborhood Justice Fund Grant Program

Neighborhood Courts are a community-based approach to improving the quality, safety and cohesion of each district through restorative justice methods. Rather than pursuing traditional criminal case processing, the District Attorney’s Office (SFDA) refers appropriate misdemeanor cases to one of ten Neighborhood Courts throughout San Francisco.  At Neighborhood Courts, a panel of volunteer adjudicators, trained in restorative justice and problem-solving, resolve each case, issuing individually-tailored “directives”.   Directives include, but are not limited to community service, restitution, apology letters and other introspective exercises to repair the harm caused by the incident.
In some Neighborhood Courts cases, participants are directed to pay “community restitution.” These funds are held by SFDA solely for disbursement through the Neighborhood Justice Fund grant program. On an annual basis, SFDA awards restitution funds as grants to community-based organizations for projects that will enhance the safety, livability and neighborhood cohesion of San Francisco’s districts.
The Neighborhood Justice Fund RFP process is open to all non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that wish to implement projects that will enhance public safety, livability and unity in San Francisco’s neighborhoods. Organizations or community groups seeking to apply that do not have 501(c)(3) status may partner with an eligible organization to serve as their fiscal agent for grant purposes.
The next grant cycle will be in Spring 2020. For more information, please contact Jackson Gee, Director of Neighborhood Courts: