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Guests: Earlonne Woods and John “Yahya” Johnson

Earlonne Woods and Yahya Johnson of Ear Hustle, the acclaimed podcast, join DA Boudin and Rachel for the powerful and deeply personal Season 2 finale. The episode focuses on how the criminal legal system treats people who are incarcerated—and how it needs to improve. Earlonne and Yahya share their personal accounts of their time in prison; explain the system and laws that sent them there; and describe their experiences with their prosecutors and defense attorneys. The discussion also explores the harms caused by laws like Three Strikes and the many harms caused by mass incarceration– even after a prison sentence has ended. And, of course, the group identifies how the legal system can change the way it treats people who are incarcerated–and the role of prosecutors in effecting that change.   Read More>>

Guests: Tinisch Hollins and Sandra Henriquez

Following up on last week’s episode on restorative justice, this week, DA Boudin and Rachel step back and look at the treatment of crime victims and survivors throughout the legal process. To do so, they are joined by two leading advocates for crime survivors: Tinisch Hollins of Californians for Safety and Justice and Sandra Henriquez of Valor US (formerly California Coalition Against Sexual Assault). What does justice look like for crime victims–and for communities impacted by crime? Do most victims favor retributive justice and maximum sentences? What resources, support, and services do victims need to heal? The discussion also focuses specifically on sexual assault survivors and victims of violent crime in exploring ways the legal system can better protect victims and respond to crime. Read More >>


Guest: Danielle Sered
In this powerful, must-listen episode, DA Boudin and Rachel are joined by Danielle Sered, the Executive Director of Uncommon Justice, to talk about the process known as restorative justice. While breaking down some of the myths and facts about restorative justice, this episode explores the ways the criminal legal system can better center crime victims and survivors. Danielle explains how restorative justice brings healing along with accountability–and leads to victims reporting greater satisfaction than the traditional legal process. The group also discusses how restorative justice plays a critical role in preventing recidivism and future crime. Danielle shares examples from her work with victims of violent crime and makes the case for restorative justice approaches to harms–whether or not the legal system is involved. Read More >>
Guest: Shirin Sinnar

In the wake of an increase in hate and violence against the AAPI community, DA Boudin and Rachel are joined by Professor Shirin Sinnar to discuss hate crimes. They explore the history of hate crime laws, the limits of their use, and their impact. Are hate crime laws helpful in deterring or preventing hate crimes? Do they serve other purposes? How do hate crimes impact different communities who face hate? They also discuss Professor Sinnar’s recent report on alternative responses to hate crimes. Read More >>

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