Policy & Reform

Sentencing Commission

The San Francisco Sentencing Commission was created to analyze sentencing patterns and outcomes, and advise on best approaches to reduce recidivism and sentencing reforms that advance public safety and utilize best practices in criminal justice. Click here for more information.

Sentencing Planner

The Sentencing Planner identifies safe, effective sanctions that will address offenders' criminogenic needs in order to advance public safety. Click here to see what the Los Angeles Times has to say about the Sentencing Planner, or for more information, click here.

DA Stat

DA Stat is a tool developed by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to inform operational decision making using a data-driven approach. During monthly review sessions, DA Stat provides managing attorneys comprehensive case processing data to assess and communicate challenges, progress, and success, and make decisions about high priority work flow and work product.

See what the media is saying about DA Stat:

San Francisco District Attorney Wants to Turn Prosecution From "Art" to Data "Science"

"San Francisco's District Attorney George Gascón wants to use statistical analysis to be smart on crime"
- Tech President, June 4, 2013

SF's Gascon Pushes For Data-Driven Approach in Tracking Offenders ... and Prosecutors
"Bratton says DA Stat can do for prosecutors what CompStat did for police. 'Take a look at the various assistant district attorneys, what their caseload is, what their conviction rate is, the length of time it takes to try a case. There is no shortage of information in a district attorney's office that can’t be CompStat’ed.'  ...   Bratton says his protégé is the perfect guy to lead the change, because unlike most prosecutors, Gascón used to be a cop. He saw Compstat work firsthand in Los Angeles."
- KQED, May 1, 2013