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District Attorney Boudin Announces Charges in District Attorney’s Office’s Organized Retail Theft Operation

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Robyn Burke / 415-306-9696 / Robyn.Burke@sfgov.org

Public Information Officer

 SAN FRANCISCO – Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced that an undercover organized retail theft operation, Operation ABC, has resulted in the arrests and charging of Allala Mouaizi and an arrest warrant issued for Said Mahtout, who were allegedly purchasing stolen goods from Nordstrom out of a San Francisco Zain Liquors store. The District Attorney’s Office has charged Mr. Mouaizi with four felony counts of attempted receiving or buying stolen property and has charged Mr. Mahtout with one count of attempted possession of stolen property, a misdemeanor.  

“I am proud of the work of the District Attorney’s Office’s Special Investigations Unit for leading this successful organized retail theft operation,” said District Attorney Boudin. “Our partnership with the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control has helped identify and hold accountable the people coordinating organized retail theft crimes in San Francisco.”

Operation ABC emerged out of a partnership between the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the California Alcohol Beverage Control, the San Francisco Police Department, and Nordstrom’s Loss Prevention. The investigation began in March of 2022, when the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) received a tip about the suspects from the San Francisco Police Department and Nordstrom’s loss prevention team. ABC deployed an undercover agent to sell stolen goods to the suspects on two separate occasions. Once ABC established that the suspects were indeed buying stolen goods from inside their place of work, ABC reached out to the District Attorney’s SIU unit to further investigate and prosecute the case.  

“ABC is proud to work closely with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office during this ongoing investigation,” said ABC Director Eric Hirata “Governor Newsom has a plan to devote $225 million to provide more resources to local law enforcement and $30 million to local prosecutors to combat organized retail crime and hold perpetrators accountable.”

District Attorney Boudin created the District Attorney’s Office’s Special Investigations Unit in April 2021 to combat complex crimes like organized retail theft. The SIU conducts vertical investigations of organized retail crime operations, burglary rings, and other complex organized crimes, and prosecutes cases resulting from those operations. The mission of the unit is to disrupt organized fencing networks that are driving retail thefts and hold those who commit these crimes accountable.

In addition to Operation ABC, the District Attorney’s Office’s Special Investigations Unit is currently conducting multiple other operations to combat organized retail theft. Last year, the District Attorney’s Operation Focus Lens and Operation Wrecking Ball resulted in arrests and prosecutions or arrest warrants issued of 8 individuals. Numerous other confidential operations remain ongoing.

This is an ongoing investigation, at this point there is no evidence to suggest the owner of Zain’s Liquors knew his employees were allegedly using his store to purchase stolen goods. Mr. Mouaizi is scheduled to be arraigned on May 31st.




三藩市——今天,三藩市地檢官博徹思宣布,針對一個有組織零售盜竊團伙的秘密行動「ABC 行動」成功逮捕及起訴Allala Mouaizi,並對涉嫌在三藩市Zain 商店購買從Nordstrom 商店偷取贓物的 Said Mahtout 發出逮捕令。 地檢署指控 Mouaizi 犯有四項企圖收受或購買被贓物的重罪,並指控 Mahtout一項企圖佔有贓物的輕罪。

「我為地檢署特別調查組成功領導這次有組織零售盜竊調查行動的工作感到自豪。」地檢官博徹思說:「我們與酒精飲品控制部 (Department of Alcohol Beverage Control) 合作成功識別疑犯,並向在三藩市組織零售盜竊罪案的人追究責任。」

「ABC 行動」是三藩市地檢署的特別調查組 (Special Investigations Unit,SIU)、加州酒精飲品控制部 (California Alcohol Beverage Control,ABC)、三藩市警察局和 Nordstrom商店的防損小組的合作行動。 調查於 2022 年 3 月開始,當時加州酒精飲品控制部收到了來自三藩市警方和Nordstrom 商店防損小組關於疑犯的線索,並部署了一名臥底特工,在兩個不同的場合向疑犯出售贓物, 當確定疑犯確實在其工作場所內購買贓物,便聯繫地檢署的特別調查組進一步調查和起訴此案。

加州酒精飲品控制部主任Eric Hirata表示:「我們很自豪能夠此案進行調查期間與三藩市地檢署密切合作。州長紐森計劃投入 $2.25 億美元為當地執法部門提供更多資源,並為當地檢察官提供 $3000 萬美元協助打擊有組織的零售罪案並追究肇事者的責任。」

地察官博徹思於 2021 年 4 月成立了地檢署的特別調查組,以打擊有組織零售盜竊等的複雜罪案。 特別調查組對有組織零售犯罪活動、入室盜竊團伙和其他復雜的有組織犯罪案件進行深入調查,並起訴這些團伙的犯罪案件。該部門的任務是打擊推動零售盜竊的有組織犯罪網絡,並向這些犯罪者追究責任。

除了 「ABC 行動」外,地檢署的特別調查組目前正在展開其他多項行動,以打擊有組織零售盜竊網絡。去年,地檢署的「聚焦鏡頭行動」和「破壞球行動」最終成功向8人逮捕歸案、起訴或發出逮捕令。現有其他機密行動仍在進行中。

這是一項正在進行的調查,目前沒有證據表示 Zain’s Liquors 的持有人知悉他的員工在使用其店鋪購買贓物。