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District Attorney’s Office Files Charges, Including Hate Crime Allegations, for String of Crimes Targeting Chinese-Owned Businesses

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CONTACT: Sara Yousuf, Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org

SAN FRANCISCO— Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the filing of 33 charges, including hate crime allegations, against Derik Barreto for 27 separate incidents against 20 primarily Chinese-owned businesses. The District Attorney’s Office alleges that the string of offenses that occurred between April and August 2021 were racially motivated. Mr. Barreto is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon.

“We absolutely do not tolerate violence or hate in San Francisco. Chinese-owned businesses should be able to operate without fear of being racially targeted by vandalism, burglary, or harassment,” said San Francisco District Attorney Boudin. “We stand with San Francisco’s AAPI community against hate and will do everything in our power to make sure everyone is and feels safe.” 


The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has charged Mr. Barreto with the following counts: 

  • 27 felony counts of Vandalism (Penal Code 594(b)(1))
  • 4 felony counts of Second Degree Burglary (Penal Code 459)
  • 1 misdemeanor count of Possession of Burglary Tools, (Penal Code 466)
  • 1 misdemeanor count of Possession of a Concealed Weapon (Penal Code 21310)
  • A hate crime enhancement accompanies 31 counts (Penal Code 422.75)


The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to combating hate against the AAPI community and other targeted communities. The District Attorney’s Office has partnered with the San Francisco Police Department to educate the public on how to identify and report hate crimes. The District Attorney’s Office has also led numerous trainings on hate crimes and created a field guide to help SFPD officers investigate hate crimes and ensure that they gather the evidence needed to hold those who commit these crimes accountable.


In May, the District Attorney’s Office held a virtual summit on protecting the AAPI community from hate and violence, which featured a keynote by Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu and two panels comprised of political and community leaders and experts. In addition, the District Attorney’s Office supports community-based efforts to prevent harassment and violence, including bystander intervention trainings and outreach efforts to encourage the reporting of hate crimes.


District Attorney Boudin has repeatedly condemned the disturbing trend in crimes against the AAPI community. “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a deeply concerning increase in the incidence of hate and violence against the AAPI community,” he said. We will not stand for it and we will do everything in our power to stop it.”


Those who may have witnessed or experienced a hate crime should call the San Francisco District Attorney’s Hate Crime hotline at (628) 652-4311.



Sara Yousuf, Cell: (415) 603-9696 / Sara.Yousuf@sfgov.org

Deputy Director of Communications / Assistant District Attorney




三藩市 — 今天,三藩市地區檢察官博徹思宣布對 Derik Barreto 提出33項控罪,包括仇恨罪行指控,涉及20家主要由華裔擁有商業的27起獨立事故。地檢署聲稱,發生在2021年4月至8月間的一系列犯罪行為是出於種族動機。Mr. Barreto 已定於今天下午提堂聆訊。




三藩市地檢署已檢控 Mr. Barreto 下列罪名:

  • 27項惡意破壞的重罪(刑法 594(b)(1))
  • 4項二級入室盜竊的重罪(刑法第 459 條)
  • 1項管有盜竊工具的輕罪(刑法第 466 條)
  • 1項管有攻擊性武器的輕罪(刑法 21310)
  • 31項仇恨罪行惡化的連罪(刑法 422.75)


所有27項惡意破壞控罪源於今年4月至8月期間的事故,當 Mr. Barreto 指稱騎乘踏板車並打碎20家獨立商店的窗戶。Mr. Barreto 指稱使用彈弓、管子或鎚子打破海洋區和米慎區走廊中主要由華裔擁有商業的窗戶。地檢署還根據5起獨立事故而檢控5項二級入室盜竊罪,Mr. Barreto 指稱從這些商業的破碎窗戶進入後,取走現金和其他物品。地檢署根據 Mr. Barreto 指稱向警方所作的陳述,檢控31項仇恨罪行惡化罪;這示意他特意針對他認為是華裔擁有的商業,而他的動機是所定受害者的種族和國籍。



在今年5月,地檢署舉辦一場關於保護亞太裔社群免受仇恨和暴力侵害的網上高峰會,主講者是最高法院法官劉弘威 (Goodwin Liu),及兩個由政治和社區的領袖和專家組成的研討小組。此外,地檢署支援社區為本的行動來預防騷擾和暴力,包括臨場者介入培訓和外展工作,以鼓勵舉報仇恨罪行。


地檢官博徹思一再譴責針對亞太裔社群的令人不安犯罪趨勢。「從 COVID-19疫情開始以來,我們眼見憂慮針對亞太裔社群的仇恨和暴力事故接連上升,」博徹思說:「我們不會容忍,我們將會竭盡全力來阻止它。」


那些可能目睹或經歷仇恨罪行的人士,應撥打三藩市地檢署的仇恨罪行熱線 (628) 652-4311。