Public Engagement


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"Effective communication with the public is an essential component of the work that we do and it's imperative that we connect with all members of the community."

- District Attorney George Gascón


At the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, we value the importance of engaging with the communities we serve. Public safety as a whole benefits when community members collaborate with our office to address local issues in their neighborhoods and assist in prosecuting crimes across the city. Public safety also benefits when individuals are better informed with information about local crime trends.

Below are a few of the latest initiatives by our office to bolster our relationships with the communities we serve, and, in the process, create a safer city for all San Franciscans.


Advisory Boards



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As effective crime prevention requires collaboration with the community, the SFDA’s Office has created numerous “advisory boards”.


Public Education Campaigns


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Backed by robust data and rooted in evidence-based tips, the office runs educational campaigns year-round to raise awareness about important issues impacting our community.



Partnering with San Quentin

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Borne out of an unlikely partnership between a prosecutor, a former newspaper owner, and inmate at San Quentin, the SFDA/San Quentin News Forum represents the first-of-its-kind collaboration at San Quentin between inmates and prosecutors.