Senior Pedestrian Safety Awareness



Our office, in support of Vision Zero SF, wants to help end senior citizen traffic fatalities within our city. Seniors are a particularly high-risk group as 63% of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 were seniors even though they only constitute 15% of the city's population. Furthermore, many of these deaths are often preventable. Red light running, failure to yield to pedestrians, and speeding were the top three causes of traffic fatalities. 

Therefore, our office hopes to raise awareness for senior pedestrians in an effort to bring attention to the unique issues they face regarding traffic safety. In bringing this important matter to light, we hope to make San Francisco a safer environment for the numerous senior citizens who walk throughout the city. By driving more carefully around the city, yielding to pedestrians, and not speeding, we can show respect and appreciation for our seniors. 





  • In 2016, seniors (65+) comprised 15% of the population but made up 63% of all pedestrian fatalities. 
  • 88% of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 were people aged 60 and older. 
  • Senior pedestrians are 5x more likely than younger people to die from a vehicular collision. 
  • 62% of all senior pedestrian injuries and 71% of fatal or severe injuries occur on 12% of streets, known as the "High Injury Network". 
  • A person hit by a vehicle traveling 20 mph has a 90% chance of survival while a person hit by a vehicle traveling 40 mph has a survival rate of 20%.
  • Priority locations where senior pedestrian incidents are most frequent. 

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