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Alternative SentencingSan Francisco District Attorney’s Office Sentencing Planner:

Identify safe, effective sanctions that will address the offenders criminogenic needs and help advance public safety.


A leader in innovative approaches to Criminal Justice, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office embraces a new approach that addresses the causes of crime, holds offenders accountable and preserves public safety. District Attorney George Gascón launched the Alternative Sentencing Program on the recognition of Governor Jerry Brown's California Realignment Plan. San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office became the first office to hire a Sentencing Planner in the State of California to give prosecutors additional information about alternative criminal justice sanctions on 1170 (h) cases, as well as, other selected cases where an alternative to a pure jail or prison sentence may be possible. With the goal of enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism, the Sentencing Planner focuses on the offenders and their readiness for rehabilitation through the application of evidence based practices designed to reduce reoffending and increase individual accountability.

A Unique Position

Prosecutors are uniquely positioned to ensure public safety and spearhead reentry work. As chief law enforcement officials with the power to recommend sentences and conditions of probation, we can hold offenders accountable, change behaviors and forge close relationships with community based leaders, the business community and others who are also invested in creating safer neighborhoods.

  • Accountability: Offenders are held accountable, both for their offense and harm done to the victim and the community. 
  • Opportunity: Offenders have the opportunity to reintegrate back into the community by becoming active participants in the reparation for harm done. 
  • Effectiveness: Studies have attested to the value of state efforts for rehabilitating non-violent offenders without incarceration. It has been proven that alternative sentencing programs actually rehabilitate more effectively for many first-time, ages 18-25 year old, non-violent offenders. 

 “The Sentencing Planner at times has been the tiebreaker when we, “the prosecutors” are undecided if we should go with a pure prison/jail sentence or probation with program conditions.”
- Jeffery Ross, Managing Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco District Attorney Office

 “The Sentencing Planner makes us feel that we are making the right decision when it comes to reentry programs and public safety.”
–Lili Nguyen, Assistant District Attorney, San Francisco District Attorney Office

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