SFDA & SF Department of Elections Team Up to Combat Election Fraud


News from the Office of District Attorney George Gascón


November 1, 2016


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SAN FRANCISCO – Today, District Attorney George Gascón was joined by San Francisco Department of Elections Director John Arntz to announce that their offices will work together to combat election fraud in the upcoming general election.  As part of this effort, the District Attorney has set up a multi-lingual Election Fraud Hotline for members of the public to report election fraud, and will make investigators available to follow up on complaints received by the District Attorney or the Department of Elections.  

“It is critically important to the Democratic process that our elections are free from corruption," said District Attorney George Gascón.  “Director Arntz and I are seeking the public’s help to report wrongdoing in order to ensure anyone who attempts to undermine our process is held accountable.  The bottom line is that it’s your vote, so make it count.”

“Efforts like these are critical to safeguarding the integrity of our electoral process,” said Elections Department Director John Arntz.  “The importance of the public’s confidence in the outcome of every election cannot be overstated.”  

According to the California Secretary of State, the following are the most common California Elections Code Violations:

Election Day and Voting Violations

·        Electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place on Election Day [EC §18370]

·        Electioneering during vote-by-mail voting [EC §18371]

·        Receiving money, a gift, loan or any other valuable consideration for voting [EC §18521]

·        Using or threatening to use any force, violence, or tactic of coercion or intimidation to compel another to vote or refrain from voting [EC §18540]

·        Fraudulently voting in an election in which one is not entitled [EC §18560(a)]

Petition Initiative and Circulator Violations

·        As a petition circulator, intentionally misrepresenting the contents, purport or effect of that petition to a prospective signer [EC §18600]

·        Obscuring the Attorney General’s summary of the measure from a prospective signer    [EC §18602]

·        Exchanging money or valuable consideration for petition signatures [EC §18603]

·        Circulating a petition, knowing it contains false, forged or fictitious names [EC §18611]

·        Signing a petition more than once or signing knowing that you are not qualified to sign it [EC §18612]

·        Subscribing fictitious names or the name of another to a petition [EC §18613]

·        Threatening a petition circulator with assault or battery or inflicting damage on a circulator’s property or that of the circulator’s relative [EC §18630]

·        Making a false affidavit concerning a petition or the petition signatures [EC §18660]

Voter Registration Violations

·        Registering yourself or another knowing that you or that person is not entitled to register [EC §18100(a)]

·        Registering a non-existent person (including the deceased, animals, inanimate objects) [EC §18100(b)]

·        Registering a fictitious person or someone not requesting registration [EC §18101]

·        Negligence in promptly transferring a voter’s affidavit to an elections official [EC §18103]

·        Altering the party affiliation of a voter’s affidavit [EC §18106]

·        Misrepresenting on a voter registration card as having assisted a citizen to register [EC §18108.1]

·        Knowingly misusing voter registration information obtained from the county Registrar or Secretary of State or acquiring voter information without complying with Elections Code section 2188 [EC §18109] 

Nomination and Election Campaign Violations

·        Filing a false nomination or declaration of candidacy [EC §18203]

·        Using the seal of a county or local government agency in campaign literature [EC §18304]

·        Voting or attempting to vote more than once in an election [EC §18560(b)]

·        Fraudulently applying for, voting or attempting to vote an absentee ballot [EC §18578]

Anyone who believes they have information concerning a possible incidence of election fraud should call the San Francisco District Attorney’s Election Fraud Hotline at (415) 551-9507