Summer Law Clerk Program

The District Attorney’s Summer Law Clerk Program is designed to recruit the most qualified 2L law clerks and train them for highly skilled legal work within the office. This program is only offered in the summer, and only 2Ls are eligible to apply.

The program is designed as an intensive 12-week training program to provide 2L clerks with exposure to the different units within the office and the practical experience necessary to become effective litigators. Through the program, our Summer Clerks are asked to tackle demanding legal research and writing assignments, litigate motions, conduct evidentiary hearings, and assist attorneys in case preparation for trial. Additionally, Summer Clerks will receive extensive training to assist in their legal proficiency and expertise in particular practice areas.

A limited number of Summer Law Clerks will be eligible to receive a stipend for successful completion of their duties.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Students must have completed courses in Civil Procedure and Evidence.
  2. Must apply for and be certified by the State Bar of California.* Such certification status allows those Certified Legal Interns to research, write, and argue motions, present evidence at suppression motions and conduct hearings in the Superior Court under the direct supervision of an experienced prosecutor. Additionally a Certified Legal Intern may gain valuable experience in preparation of high profile cases or assist in the preparation of serious felony cases including such crimes as rape, felony assault, kidnap or murder trials.

Who Can Apply and for Which Session(s)?

The office is accepting applications for the Summer 2018 Sessions from eligible 2Ls only.

How to Apply - How to Apply

Application Process

All applicants must complete and submit the following materials in one combined .pdf file in the following order:
  1. Cover Letter – Please address to Wade Chow, Chief of the Brady, Appellate and Training Division, and indicate the specific program(s) that you are interested in applying for.
  2. Resume
  3. Adult Background Investigation Form (Type into the form, save it, print it, and sign it before including it in the .pdf file)
  4. A copy of photo identification
  5. Writing Sample – No longer than 10 pages in length
  6. Be advised of our outside employment disclosure policy

Email questions and application material to: