Victim Services Internship

Victim Services Division
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office


The Victim Services Division of the Office of District Attorney George Gascόn provides comprehensive advocacy and support to victims and witnesses of crime. The Victim Services Division offers free services in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. Our Victim Advocates work to ensure that crime victims and their families are provided the services and information necessary to be an integral part of the criminal case process. It is our mission to ensure that victims are treated fairly and that their voice is heard.


Victim Advocacy Services:

  • Information on rights as a crime victim
  • Guidance in navigating the criminal justice system
  • Referral to local resources and services
  • Assistance in filling out applications for the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP)
  • Crisis support services


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assist victims of crime to navigate the criminal justice System.
  2. Conduct crisis counseling and intakes with victims of crime including assistance in filing California Victim Compensation Applications.
  3. Provide court support and escort victims to the Courtroom when needed to testify. Offer emotional support throughout the day when the victim is testifying. 
  4. Assist with front office responsibilities, including: answering phones, transferring calls to Advocates, filing, receiving, copying, and submitting documents (i.e. medical bills, appeal letters, receipts).
  5. Assist with client intakes.
  6. Accurately gather, organize and record data relevant to advocacy cases.
  7. Provision of case status updates.
  8. Offer information and make appropriate needs-based referrals to: hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities, emergency resources, and community based organizations.
  9. Work with Assistant District Attorneys, Investigators, and Police Inspectors on case development.
  10. Conduct other duties required by management to guarantee the successful operation of the unit (i.e. generating reports, collecting and analyzing data).
  11. Serve as liaison between the Victim Witness Unit and victims, witnesses, other law enforcement agencies, community agencies, service providers and other governmental personnel as such relate to advocacy.
  12. Assist Victim Advocates updating and conducting outreach for new cases.



We are looking for highly motivated, responsible candidates from the criminal justice, social work, psychology and legal academic studies fields. Candidates will be required to make a 9-month commitment, and work a minimum of 16 hours per week, days/times to be determined by the Intern Coordinator. Internship may meet the requirements of academic courses or departments. Bilingual skills (Spanish and Cantonese) are highly desirable.


To Apply:
Send resume and cover letter to

Applications are currently open.