From the Desk of District Attorney George Gascón

Thank you for your interest in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.  I am committed to delivering a criminal justice system that San Franciscans can embrace and be proud of - a system that is more fair, more transparent, and more accountable.  I am grateful that you have put your faith in me to be your elected District Attorney, and to institute reforms that balance public safety with the best possible outcomes for victims of crime, for our community and offenders. I look forward to working with you to make San Francisco the safest large city in America.


George Gascón
San Francisco District Attorney

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News from the Office of the District Attorney

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill to Seal Arrest Records for those Arrested but not Convicted of a Crime on October 11, 2017

Report on Officer-Involved Shooting at Quesada Avenue on May 21, 2017

Report on the Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Nicholas McWherter on October 14, 2016

Report on the Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Giovany Contreras-Sandoval on September 25, 2014

SFDA, UCSF, USF, the Cooperative Restaining Order Clinic and the San Francisco Dept. On The Status Of Women work together to help sex assault suvivors mitigate trauma, navigate the criminal justice system, and rebuild their lives

Man Sentenced to 327 Years to Life for Multiple Home Invasions Targetting the Elderly

Jury Finds Man Guilty of Brutal Domestic Violence Murder

Man Charged with Illegally Disposing Hazardous Waste into San Francisco Sewers

SFDA Celebrates Pink's Second Birthday and Her Successes Assisting Victims of Crime 



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