Victim Services

Advocacy Program

Trained victim advocates work closely with victims of crime to alleviate the impact of trauma, navigate the criminal justice system, and rebuild their lives. We do this through referrals to service, guidance through victim compensation programs, and education on Victim’s Rights, also known as Marsy’s Law.  

Our Advocacy Teams 

  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Abuse and Sexual Assaults
  • Juvenile Court 

We have trained and highly experienced advocates that are uniquely prepared to respond to these particular crime types.  We establish close partnerships with community-based organizations. We ensure survivors have access to the full range of culturally and linguistically competent services. 

Critical Incidents  

In addition to advocacy, this unit provides services specific to fatalities like; grief services, burial and funeral arrangement support for family members.   

Mass casualty is a 9-county collaborative that ensures advocates are trained and prepared to respond in the event of a mass casualty incident.  

Vulnerable Victims & Community Engagement  

This unit provides specific focus to our elderly communities and immigrants. In addition to engage in outreach so to reach communities that would not normally report crimes and/or seek services through partnerships with community-based organizations 

General Felonies & Misdemeanors  

This General Felonies and Misdemeanor team works on charged and uncharged cases  


We assist with processing victim compensation claims and any losses that are crime related.   


Basic Services

Information & Support with the Criminal Justice System 

  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice System 
  • Case Status/Case Disposition/ In-court support 
  • Victim Impact Statement 
  • Education on Victim’s Bill of Rights 

Support & Advocacy with Victimization Issues 

  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Funeral Arrangement support 
  • Crime Prevention Information 
  • Temporary Restraining Order Assistance 
  • Resources & Referral Assistance 

California Victim Compensation Board  

The State Victim Compensation Board program is dedicated to providing reimbursement for many crime-related expenses to eligible victims who suffer physical injury or threat of physical injury as a direct result of a violent crime. Financial support available for expenses related to:  

  • Medical & Dental Expenses  
  • Mental Health Services  
  • Income Loss  
  • Funeral/Burial Expense  
  • Relocation  
  • Home Security  
  • Crime-scene cleanup  

(Follow-up documentation to deem qualification for program is required by CalVCB)  

Our advocates will assist in completing the application  


Provide the following:  

  • Victim full legal name/DOB 
  • Victim preferred contact Info  
  • Nature of the crime  
  • Police Report # (optional)