Paralegal Internship

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office offers a voluntary paralegal internship program to students who are currently enrolled in or have recently completed a paralegal educational program. The Paralegal Internship program is offered year-round. To participate in the program, the student must be available a minimum of twelve hours per week, in person. We can accommodate paralegal interns who must complete internship hours for academic credit, whether 120 hours or different requirements depending on the paralegal program.

The internship program will give students an opportunity to learn about the criminal justice system and obtain knowledge of how instrumental a paralegal’s role is in assisting in prosecution. Paralegal student interns who qualify for the internship will be assigned to work with experienced staff in the various criminal units within the office. Students will also be able to experience firsthand the work involved in providing justice, ensuring safety, and implementing innovative and efficient solutions to protect victims, hold offenders accountable, and resolve the underlying causes of crime.

The Paralegal Internship opportunities available include, but are not limited to, the following Units of the SFDA’s Office:

  • General Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • White Collar Crime Division (Special Prosecution, Economic Crimes, etc.)
  • Juvenile
  • Collaborative Courts
  • Specialized Units (Homicide, Domestic Violence, Child & Sexual Assault, etc.)

Application Process

To apply, please submit a General Intern Application

All interested applicants should be prepared to submit the following materials:

    1. Cover Letter—Please address to Sheila Arcelona, Assistant Chief, Finance and Administration, and indicate the reason for applying and other relevant information regarding your interests and availability.
    2. Resume
    3. Documentation to show the student is enrolled in a paralegal program and in good standing (copy of transcript or enrollment letter from the registrar is sufficient) OR Documentation to show the student has graduated from a paralegal program (copy of the certificate is sufficient)
    4. Adult Background Investigation Form
    5. A copy of government issued photo identification.
    6. List of References
Please note that all candidates are required to complete a Criminal Record Check Information Form with the submission of their application packet. These forms are thoroughly reviewed by our Bureau of Investigations, and applicants are encouraged to be candid. Acceptance into the Program is conditional upon the candidate passing a background check.

Email any questions to:

Paralegal internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicant materials are processed and reviewed as they are received. We recommend applying as soon as possible.

Spring 2024: CLOSED

Summer 2024: Mon. June 3, 2024 – Fri. August 9, 2024

Outside Employment Disclosure

California Government Code §§1125 through 1127 prohibits local agency officers and employees from engaging in activities that are incompatible, inconsistent, in conflict, or inimical with their agency employment. As a volunteer intern with our office, interns are bound by these sections of the Government Code. Students selected for any of the intern programs are advised that they may not perform any work (paid or unpaid) for any criminal defense attorney during the pendency of their internship with this office. This applies even if the criminal defense work is in a different county. Students who have other outside employment/incompatible activity during the pendency of their internship must disclose this to our office for review prior to accepting the internship.

Should an intern engage in outside employment/incompatible activity after commencing the internship, the intern must immediately advise the Internship Program Manager. If the outside employment/incompatible activity is deemed to fall within the prohibitions of California Government Code §1125 through 1127, the intern will not be able to remain in our program. If an intern has any questions concerning other employment/incompatible activity, they should contact the Program Director.