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San Francisco, CA –  San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced today that her office secured a conviction of Keshon Wilson (23) after trial by jury for shooting at a group of young men at the 24th and Mission BART station, killing one victim and seriously injuring the second victim. Mr. Wilson was convicted of first-degree murder (PC 187(a)) and a premeditated attempted murder (PC 664, 187(a)). For both charges, the jury also found true that the defendant personally and intentionally discharged a firearm that caused great bodily injury or death (PC 12022.53(d)).   

“I would like to thank the jury for their service and the time and attention that they gave to this case,” said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. “I also want to thank the victim’s family in this case for their trust in our office to fight for justice. We continue to stand prepared to pursue justice for victims in the courtroom.” 

According to testimony and other evidence presented at trial, on the night of March 29, 2021, the defendant, Mr. Wilson, was working as a power washer at the 24th Street BART station. After an argument with the victims, Mr. Wilson left the station and drove around the block before parking the work truck and approaching the group on foot with his “ghost gun” firearm in hand. Mr. Wilson committed a surprise attack on the group and fired multiple gunshots in their direction after he emerged from behind a bus shelter. Everyone on or near the BART platform ran for their lives, including both named victims. In total, the defendant shot nine rounds toward the group, hitting two of the four young men who had been standing on the corner of 24th and Mission, and shattering the glass door of a nearby McDonald’s. The victim who was killed suffered three gunshot wounds to his back, while the surviving victim suffered 4-5 gunshot wounds to his torso and shoulder. After firing, Mr. Wilson then fled the scene and absconded to Las Vegas. Upon his return to San Francisco, police arrested Mr. Wilson for the murder and attempted murder at his home, where a search revealed the murder weapon and other firearm accessories.  

The case against Mr. Wilson was successfully prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Charly Weissenbach, with assistance from District Attorney Investigators Gino Guerrero and Omega Crum, paralegals Jessica Diamond and Julio Flores-Guzman, and IT support from Leland Chan, Ada Yu, Noaeh Pinaire, and Morris Moore. Victim advocates Maria Reynoso and Lily Bueno worked closely with the victim’s family throughout the case. The Prosecution was able to present a strong case against Mr. Wilson based on the incredible work of SFPD Homicide including now retired Inspector William Pon. 

“I am very grateful to the jury for their service as well as their careful and fair approach to this case,” said Assistant District Attorney Charly Weissenbach. “No one deserves to be murdered, especially by ambush in the heartless and violent manner it was committed here. The jury’s verdict rejected the defendant’s false self-defense claim, upheld the rule of law, condemned senseless gun violence, and delivered justice for the victims and our community.”  

Mr. Wilson is currently in custody pending sentencing. He faces a sentence of 82 years-to-life in state prison. Sentencing is scheduled for June 3, 2024. 

Court Number: 21004323